Happy Mother's Day - What it means to be a Dogmum!

Happy Mothersday - what it means to be a dogmum

Mother's Day: What it means to be a mother

Motherhood - a bond, a challenge, a task and sacrifice that probably cannot be compared to anything in the world. It means holding together like a trunk all the branches of the family that are striving apart, being a home, a safe haven. At the same time, it also means teaching your children to fly, giving them that small but decisive push out of the nest. But always being ready to catch them again. Being a mother means having the most important job in the world and doing 100 side jobs part time. Whether as a private chauffeur, cook or hobby therapist - when it comes to their children, they are simply invincible, unwavering and indispensable: mothers!

Motherhood is diverse: there are many types of mothers

Motherhood stands for loving another living being from the bottom of one's heart - even without a blood relationship. Quite a few people also find this genuine love in the faithful eyes of a dog. Raising a four-legged friend is not only good preparation for life with your own offspring, you also get an idea of what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. Today, on the occasion of Mother's Day, I at William Walker not only want to celebrate all the wonderful mothers of the world, but also want to explain what it actually means to be a dogmum.

A true Story for Mother's Day - The Day I Became a Dogmum

And suddenly he was there: head first and 383 grams on the ribs, he came into the world and into my life. It was the day my dog El Carlos was born and made me a dogmum forever. With him came great happiness and a lot of chaos. Not only did I have to change, work on myself and push myself to my limits, but my surroundings also needed a general overhaul. Things that had previously been a matter of course in my flat suddenly became a danger. Houseplants, open staircases, cables and medicines had to be reorganised, banished or made puppy-proof. I learned the importance of storage space and order at the latest after the first pair of chewed-up high heels I had left lying around.

The worries of mothers

But broken shoes were nothing compared to the other challenges my new dogmum existence presented me with. Because life as a mother also means a life of worry. Jean Jacques Rousseau once summed it up very aptly:

"To be a mother is to hear little breaths and light heartbeats, to become keen-eyed like a beast of the forest for all dangers, to be brave in silence like no loud man in arms, to create with all the blood one is given, to surpass oneself in all the faculties of waking, starving, loving and acting, but above all to care. To be a mother is to be happy in sorrow."

With love and a sense of responsibility, the protective instinct grows automatically. When my dog had a terrible accident while playing and had to have emergency surgery, I learn for the first time what it meant to be in panic worry. El Carlos luckily recovered completely, but the feeling of worry was my constant companion for a while. What remains of life as a dogmum is certainly one or two little worry, stress or even anger lines on my face and a pile of high vet bills.

Dogs are the best icebreakers

Even more than the bad experiences, however, I was shaped by the numerous wonderful experiences as a dogmum. Because not only does the company of a faithful four-legged friend automatically ensure that you never feel alone again, the dog is a real icebreaker when it comes to making friends. As a dog owner, sooner or later you become a professional small-talker. Because we owners all have one thing in common: we love to talk about our dogs and about everything that is going on in dog life.

A dog exudes childlike joy

A wagging tail is happiness on four paws. The world, the sometimes dull everyday life, suddenly becomes colourful, less lonely and more varied thanks to the dog's childlike joy. Long Walks become excursions, a simple day at the beach becomes a moment of happiness - or as we call it with William Walker: a #wwmoment. The ease and naturalness with which dogs live and love is infectious, and stroking their soft fur has been proven to have a calming, soothing effect on humans. As a dogmum, I've learned that sometimes there's nothing better than switching off and trying to look at the world through the eyes of my best four-legged friend.

I will follow you - my dog, my constant companion

But besides the lightness and joy of life, my dog has also given my life more structure. Whether it's bad weather, a hangover after a night of partying or heartbreak - the dog has to get his daily walk, and I have to go with him! The new energy I often got from the fresh air, exercise and the joy in my dog's eyes saved many nearly wasted days. But as a dogmum, even a day spent in bed or on the sofa is never a wasted day when spent with your dog. After all, there's almost no one better to cuddle with than your beloved pelt-nose.

The fact is: my dog has turned my life completely upside down. But in the most beautiful way. I can no longer be as free and spontaneous as I was before. But I am never alone and have a companion for whom no path is too long - the main thing is that we are together. The American animal photographer Roger Andrew once said it very aptly: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole."

The most beautiful gifts for Dogmums for Mother's Day

Dog accessories are so much more than just an accessory. It is a visible connection of love and trust, a "hold my hand" and a "you are safe with me". With your dog accessories you can show that you belong together, wear partner looks and make the streets unsafe together. That's why beautiful and high-quality dog accessories are the ideal Mother's Day gift for the dogmums of this world. And we also want to say thank you to three out of many of these dog mums and are giving away a dog collar each to Sabrina and her Dalmatiner and Denise and Dog Jamy as well as Cooper Fendo Luxatorie and his owner. For everyone else, use code WWMUM2022 to get 15% off our entire Walk collection on Mother's Day.

I wish all mothers - the women who give their best to another living being every day - a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you for being there and keeping this world going. I hope some dogmum could find herself in my little animal love story. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Written by Louisa Knoll


Ich liebe meinen schwarzen Boxer Bobby über alles. Er ist Heimat, Geborgenheit, bedingungslose Liebe, Freude und Lebenslust in einem. Aus diesem Grunde bin ich auch gerne sein Personal. Er geht mit grossem Stolz mit mir Gassi.

Karla Franzky January 09, 2023

Was für ein schöner Artikel. Mein Hund Arven ist mein “Ein und Alles”…er ist mein Kind 😍 Es gibt nichts was eine Belastung darstellt…ausser es geht ihm nicht gut…dann bricht fast mein Herz…
Verzicht? Nein…es gibt was was mir mehr gibt als er, ein Urlaub z.B. in den er nicht mit könnte, wäre verlorene Zeit in unserem Leben, die ich nicht zurück bekomme…
Ich liebe ihn sooooooooooooo sehr ❤️
Liebe Grüße an alle Hunde Eltern 💕

Alicia Hildebrandt August 04, 2022

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