5 tips for a Sustainable life with a dog - how you reduce the ecological paw print

5 tips: Sustainable dog living - how to reduce the ecological paw print

So, how are your New Year's resolutions going so far? Starting a new year with good intentions gives many people the feeling of a fresh start, provides a little structure in the new unknown and has a motivating effect. In addition to healthy eating, the now-but-really gym membership and the plan to treat oneself to more "me-time," a sustainable lifestyle change is also on many people's New Year's agenda.

While sustainability and doing without are already an integral part of many people's lives, others still find it very difficult to make their everyday lives more climate-friendly, for example because of their habits. A critical look at the daily routine or the usual standard products for the household usually reveals the first weak points. Because in most cases there are great and environmentally friendly alternatives today - and not only for human life but also for dog life. Also the care and supply of our dearest four-legged friend consumes the finite resources of our home planet and generates waste and dirt. Today we want to tell you the best tips and tricks on how you can make life with your dog more environmentally friendly and how this can turn your good intentions into action.

1. Modern sustainable alternatives instead of the established - compostable dog excrement bags and co.

If you live with your dog in the city and it has a normal digestion, it can be assumed that at least two, or annually 730 excrement bags go on your account. These are mostly made of plastic and due to their content they cannot be recycled in the yellow bag. In the best case, the plastic bags end up in the incinerator with the garbage collection - in the worst case, they end up in the bushes, where they are not degraded but slowly decompose into microplastic. This pollutes not only the air we breathe, but also the lungs of our earth and the waters of the planet. For several years now, there has been a very simple solution to this: eco-friendly poop bags made from degradable and even compostable materials like cardboard or cornstarch. Our William Walker Poop It excrement bags are free of fragrances, biodegradable and in addition absolutely robust and durable.

2. Sustainable shopping - less packaging waste

Like us at William Walker, many other manufacturers of dog fashion and supplies have committed themselves to the standards of sustainability. For the four-legged friend, as well as for the environment, toys, brushes, combs, leashes and Co. made of natural materials, are clearly better than chemical clubs made of plastic. So it's always worth taking a look at the ingredients or manufacturing materials of individual products, as well as the company philosophy. For some, avoiding unnecessary packaging waste is just as important as the good quality of their goods.

3. Climate-friendly dog food - insect dog food and co.

Opinions have always differed on the subject of dog nutrition. One considers barfing the only true feeding, the other swears by special diet dry food of the favorite brand. The fact is, our dogs are no longer wolves. We humans don't claim to feed like monkeys either. Through thousands of years of dog breeding, the four-legged friends as we know them today have adapted more and more to life with humans. A dog no longer goes into the forest to get its own game, it is dependent on its master/mistress and its choice of food. Since meat production is considered one of the biggest polluters of the environment, it is nice that our domestic dogs depend on much less meat than their ancestors did. Therefore, the meat content in a sustainable dog food is often lower, but of higher quality, sometimes even organic. A more environmentally friendly source of protein in dog food is, for example, also fish (preferably wild-caught) instead of meat. However, if you also want to exploit the optimization potential when it comes to nutrition, you should dare to try a completely new protein source. Insects. GreenPetfood offers two different dry food varieties that use insects as monoprotein. Whether water consumption, land use, greenhouse gases - the breeding and processing of insects in dog food wins in terms of sustainability on all levels. Whether your dog will also like it can only be decided by trying it out. By the way, our own dog snacks, theWilliam Walker Treats are 100% made in Germany and not only have healthy and sustainable ingredients, but are produced fairly and locally.

4. Quality instead of quantity - invest in good and high-quality products

Dog collars and leashes made from high quality and durable materials

As in many areas of everyday life, it is worth investing in good and high-quality products for the dog. Because these are in the best case made of natural materials, but without plasticizers or other chemical substances and last for a very long time. Leashes and collars should be so well made that they can last for several years. Of course, this should also be purchased with a special attention to the needs and characteristics of your own dog. A dog that jumps into every pond needs a robust and washable equipment. For the water rats, mud lovers and chaotic among the dogs are suitable, for example, collars and leashes from the easy-care and super sustainable Paracord. With our William Walker Paracord Collection in Royal or Hanseatic design, your dog can not only really let off steam, but also looks really stylish. 

If you have a little troublemaker or "off-roader dog" at home, you should go for really sturdy leather products. The William Walker smooth leather collection declares war on the undergrowth. You and your dog will benefit for a long time - win-win for you and the environment.

A good place for your dog to sleep - save the earth's resources and your dog's joints. 

With dog beds, bowls and Co. the longevity should be even greater than with the dog accessories. If you choose a dog sleeping place wisely, it can last a whole dog's life. In doing so, one should pay attention to several factors:

  • The size must correspond to the adult dog
  • A timeless and simple design so that it fits seamlessly into its surroundings
  • High quality padding
  • Washability
  • Color fastness

With our William Walker Sleep Collection we have focused on the highest possible comfort, paired with a noble look and easy-care materials to ensure your dog a restful sleeping experience at all times. This increases the well-being of your well-rested four-legged friend, avoids a lot of waste and saves real money.

5. Avoid the car - exercise is healthy

Who now still renounces the car and goes for the daily Dogwalk on foot to the forest or with the bicycle out into the fields, does not only the dog and itself something good, but also our so beautiful and so important planet. Because, as is so often the case in life, it's the changes in small, everyday things and routines that make all the difference.

We at William Walker wish you a Happy New Year and hope that with our tips and tricks for sustainable dog living, we were able to help you tackle your New Year's resolutions and turn them into action.


By Louisa Knoll

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