Purist beautiful dog bowls for small and large dogs

The William Walker dog bowls come in four timelessly beautiful colors and two sizes. The dog bowls look simply stunningly beautiful and fit naturally into any kitchen or home decor. The bowls come in Pearl (white), Rose (soft pink), Sky (matte blue) and Forest, (gray-green) designs and are characterized by their purist shape. Their beauty lies in the simplicity of the shape and the matte finish. The bowls are balanced in such a way that they stand stably without rattling and cannot be moved easily due to their own weight. By the way, the small bowls are also quite excellent for cats.

Noble ceramic dog bowls and treat boxes made in Germany

The entire bowl and snack box collection is manufactured in a German ceramic manufactory with great attention to detail and long tradition. Locally sourced raw materials and a design-oriented craft culture characterize the entire collection. Each bowl and each treat box are individually handcrafted.

High quality ceramic snack boxes for dog food and more

Matching the beautiful dog food bowls, there are in the designs Pearl (white) and Forest (gray-green) the matching snack boxes right along with it. The snack boxes not only fit into any kitchen, but they are also definitely too beautiful to be stowed away in the cupboard. The fine ceramic boxes close perfectly thanks to a corresponding silicone ring with a high-quality oak lid. The airtight and light-tight closure ensures that various unrefrigerated foods stay fresh and delicious. In addition to the most delicious William Walker dog snacks, human treats such as coffee beans and breakfast cereals can of course also be stored fresh and in style.

Durable and easy to clean dog bowls.

The entire ceramic collection is fired at 1,250 °C in an open fire and is characterized by its durability and resilience in daily use. The bowls and ceramic bowls are edge-stable, microwaveable, and oven-safe. In addition, both the dog bowls and the treat boxes are easy to clean per se thanks to their minimalist shape and are also, of course, dishwasher safe. The glazes used are food-safe and deliberately avoid chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and tin.