8 Realizations of a dog owner

A dog changes your life. He enriches it, turns it upside down, and suddenly you can't imagine it without your furry nose. In many years as a dog owner, I have learned that life with a dog demands compromise and sacrifice - but it strengthens your personality development and lets you grow. In doing so, I firmly believe in the motto of Cesar Milan: "You don't always get the dog you want, but you get the dog you need". A dog will never fully meet your expectations, fulfill your wishes or fit seamlessly into your plans. He will offer you exactly the challenges that you might need at this stage of your life. Among four-legged friends there is just as much variety of characters as there is among us two-legged friends. In my life I have met many dogs and was allowed to call some of them my family members. Full of countless experiences, I look back on my animal history and present you eight insights that I have gained as a dog owner over the years.

1. The home will never be completely clean

With the arrival of a four-legged friend you have to say goodbye to the demand for complete cleanliness and order. Dogs make a lot of dirt. This varies of course especially in regard to the size and the coat. Dog hairs work their way into upholstery and after every walk there will be new footprints. Of course you can clean after your dog all day long, or you can accept that from now on you can only achieve 90% on the cleanliness scale instead of 100%.

2. Dog hairs can get everywhere without exception

Every dog owner knows: Dog hair has an almost magical power to stick to all objects, upholstery and clothing. Their structure ensures that they can even withstand vacuum cleaners and brushes. The possibility to leave the house completely free of dog hair will probably be an unattainable dream of every dog owner forever. The easiest way to live with it is to accept the animal hair as a personal dog owner accessory and to be satisfied with the thought that a small part of your beloved fur nose is always close to you.

3. Not everyone likes dogs

Unbelievable, but true: There are actually people who don't like dogs - as strange as this attitude may seem to a dog lover. The reasons for this are very different and some of them may be based on a bad experience or even trauma. Fact is that the dog should not run to random people and should not greet or sniff every stranger. "He is a good boy" or " He just wants to play" does not change the attitude of a person who simply does not like dogs or is even afraid of them. Experience has shown me that caution and consideration are essential, especially when living in the city.

4. A dog is much more expensive than you think

When you get a dog, you usually roughly add up the costs for food, the vet, the dog tax and essentials like bowls and dog baskets. But what you often forget is the big picture: treats, chews, dog accessories, brushes and the many toys, some of which disappear under the couch never to be seen again. After all, Shopping for Dogs is often as tempting and varied as it is for ourselves. As William Walker we do our best to inspire you with great dog fashion products.

5. A dog makes it easier to talk to strangers

As a dog owner you will sooner or later become a professional small talker. Because we all have one thing in common: We love to talk about our dogs and to exchange information about everything that happens. When I walk with my dog through the city, I am constantly being smiled at and all kinds of people compliment me or ask questions about my four-legged friend. Dogs take the first place for the topic "breaking the ice".

6. Every dog is unique

You've seen one, you've seen them all... Wrong! There's a difference between dogs. Of course, the breed influences some traits and characteristics, but the character of a dog can be shaped by training. Each of my four-legged friends brought new and individual challenges, incompatibilities, preferences and fears. Dog experience is good - but much more important is the willingness to rethink, to try new methods and to adapt to each animal individually.

7. Dogs have a good memory

The misconception that dogs have no long-term memory has always held up well. I grew up with this belief until my first dog convinced me otherwise. If a dog only had a short-term memory, learning and development would not be possible. How exactly it is determined around the memories of the dogs, is a question for science. But my experience has shown me that my dog remembers very well and in the long term: commands that we trained in puppyhood and did not use for a long time afterwards, paths that we once took a long time ago. To the one tree trunk in the forest where delicious water collects when it rains and to the UPS delivery van because the nice parcel carrier always gives strokes.

8. Everything is much nicer with the dog

You know what that is? No matter what you do or where you go or what you have to do - with your four-legged friend on your side, even the annoying trip to the supermarket is fun. From errands to trips, a simple day at the beach becomes a moment of happiness. This childlike joy of life that dogs display is simply contagious.

Have you also gained important insights about your time as a dog owner? Tell us about it in the comments, we are curious!

    By Louisa Knoll


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    Damit kann ich mich als Hundebesitzerin echt 1 zu 1 identifizieren. Musste bei manchen Punkten echt schmunzeln. Danke!!

    Helen Rossner 16 junio, 2020

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