Continental Bulldog Female Model Dog Fashion Hundemode

By Louisa Knoll

The sun shines down warm and strong, nature calls us out into the woods, parks and water. Not only humans feel this unique energy when summer comes. Our dogs also smell the changes in the air. The feeling, when the sun soaks into our pores, vitamin D is increasing and the dopamine is released - now only vitamin sea is missing. A bit of sun cream on the dog's nose and off you go for the first swim of the year. Our destination: The dog beach in Wittenbergen.

Hanseatic joie de vivre in design  

Even if it is a little windier here and the Elbe is still a little fresh with a water temperature of 12 degrees, nothing can stop us today from enjoying the water together. The time with my dog, experiencing small adventures together, intimate togetherness, always brings us a little more together and simply creates beautiful memories. Neither of us are the biggest water rats, but without the annual swim in the Elbe the summer cannot begin for us genuine Hamburgers.  

Hamburg, the birthplace of William Walker, with the Elbe beach and the Elbe as the motivating source. Inspired by the Nordic elegance, the decision to found William Walker grew here and thus to develop a fashion brand for dogs. The desire to translate the wild beauty of the north, coupled with Hanseatic elegance into timelessly appealing dog fashion is our unchanged mission.  

That is why my four-legged friend Carlos (Continental Bulldog) wears the Hanseatic collar from the Paracord Collection today, matching the weather and the beach vibes. And the best thing is: it can get wet. So close your eyes and get into the cool water quickly. Everything starts hesitantly, but then we splash around, swim after the stick and soon a whole horde of dogs has gathered around us. Although I am the only thing in the water that walks on two legs, I enjoy the variety of dogs completely.  

Life through the eyes of my dog  

I look at my dog and see pure happiness. They are so pure, so unadulterated. I am inspired by this childlike truthfulness and I wish that we humans could sometimes see the world through the eyes of our four-legged friends. That would probably look like this: "Oh my god, is that food from a can, that's awesome, I think that's the most delicious thing I've ever seen. I eat it every day, but every time it's just simply delicious! Or: Wow, this water, it calls for me, I have to go in there! Oh, I see my two-legged friend is still on the beach, she must be warm. I'll cool her down by shaking my soaked fur right next to her. - my owner will be really happy!  

Watching my dog while having fun in the Elbe made me happy. It is these simple and honest moments of pure joy that make me laugh and stay in my memory. At William Walker we speak in these moments of William Walker moments #wwmoments 

#wwwmoments - you're on!  

What are your personal moments of happiness with your dog? Are you also sometimes infected by the joy of your four-legged friend?  

Tell us about your #wwmoments in the comments and send us your stories to hallo@williamwalker.de 

Until then, stay healthy, keep the necessary distance and enjoy the now so plentiful time with your faithful dog - because your dog loves you!

3 comentarios

Schön geschrieben :) Hat Spaß gemacht zu lesen.
Lili 30 abril, 2020
Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen! So schön mit dem Vierbeiner zu wandern, gemeinsam schwimmen zu gehen, Fahrrad zu fahren. Kleine Abenteuer, große Hundeliebe.
Susan Julan 30 abril, 2020
Wie schön Du das Zusammenleben mit Deinem Hund beschrieben hast! Und so ein tolles Bild! Ich schau mir mal Eure Produkte ab! Viele Grüße, P
Pierre 30 abril, 2020

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