Dating as a dogowner

For winter friends and snow bunnies a long awaited wish could soon come true. While in the last years the winters were dominated by cool dirty weather and short-lived slush snow, this year all signs stand on Winter Wonderland. Meteorologists suspect icy temperatures and lots of snow. So we can really hope for a white Christmas, as we still know it from childhood days.

Many dog owners have long been eager to show their young dogs the joys of snowball fights and deep snow. Against the wet muzzles and cold hands, help afterwards long cuddling units in front of the fireplace or the winter classics on TV. As a single person you are less lonely with your four-legged friend in this cold pre-Christmas time - but there is still a free place on the sofa. Because when the flakes trickle down from the sky in front of the windows, many people long for a familiar two-legged friend with whom they can share the romance and cosiness of winter magic and also the activities that are not suitable for dogs. After all, paws are rather unsuitable for kneading dough and cutting cookies. Nevertheless single dog owners wish themselves naturally also an animal-loving partner, which has desire on long walks and Quality Time with the dog - because dog owners exist only in the double pack!

Similarities attract

Every dog owner who has ever jumped into the dating pool knows: Not every person who appeals to you visually or in character is a dog lover or compatible with your own dog. It does not even have to be an aversion, fear or an allergy against the furry four-legged friend - it is often enough that one has different ideas about cleanliness, the sleeping situation or the vacation and daily life. People who like to travel a lot or who feel at home at events and parties can hardly reconcile their leisure activities with keeping dogs. As master or mistress of a four-legged friend one carries a large responsibility and must plan its everyday life accordingly, in order to become fair its animal companion. Spontaneous short vacations, dog-hair-free clothing or endless sleeping late are a thing of the past for dogdads and dogmums. When it comes to dating with dogs, the similarities between people clearly outweigh the exciting differences.

Dogmum seeks Dogdad

So it is even more beautiful to meet a person among all the singles, who perhaps not only shares the love for dogs, but is even a proud dog owner himself. For many people this has become a real dating requirement after several failed dates and flirts in which the animal roommate was a problem. Besides Tinder and Co. for the average consumer, there are now several websites and online portals that connect single dog lovers with like-minded people. These include or . The dating sites offer you not only the possibility to describe yourself, but also your dog. Because even if there is a spark between the bipeds, the same does not necessarily apply to their fur noses. With two uncastrated males it can come e.g. fast to the test of strength and turf wars - through the air flying fur shreds or "dominance racket" is unfortunately a romance killer.

Loving means making compromises

If you can't find what you're looking for on dating platforms, if you have a loner dog or are more into "doing the yard" in an oldschool way, you can still remain hopeful in terms of love. Every pot has its lid out there somewhere. Sometimes, however, they only fit together perfectly after a little loving fine-tuning from both sides. Because loving also means making compromises. So there are many people, who like dogs very much, but have no idea or any other idea of living together with them. Fortunately, many disturbing factors are invisible to the eye through rose-colored glasses. Others unfortunately are not or they disturb something below the eyes, namely in the nose. Most problems can be solved very quickly by an open conversation and a few small changes. If the dog was perhaps allowed to go to bed with you before, it does so for the sake of the new partner, perhaps the basket right next to it. Dog food usually smells very strong for people who are not used to it. Maybe it would be an option to feed the dog on the terrace or balcony from now on? The inexperienced nose of the new partner will thank you for it and the four-legged friend may feel even more undisturbed at his new airy feeding place. When two people approach each other and make compromises, love, habit and the enchanting dog's gaze do the rest.

Dating in times of Corona

Besides animal differences, there are of course other challenges this year that make dating more difficult. Corona brought not only the mask obligation and distance rules on the screen, but also closed bars and clubs. Walking rounds and small excursions in the fresh air with the dog are ideal for a relaxed get-together. So four-legged friends and bipeds can sniff each other on neutral ground and without pressure. If you keep the minimum distance, the fresh air also helps to keep the risk of infection low. On the dog meadow, in the park or in the forest you can also get to know many nice people and also potential partners with dogs. The four-legged friend is always a great icebreaker to make contact. If necessary, you can accidentally throw a few meters next to the dog during a ball game, preferably in the direction of the feet of the victim of desire, and then you have a Hollywood-ready moment.

How did the dating with dog work for you? Did you also get to know each other thanks to a funny experience in which your four-legged friend was involved? What kind of compromises did you have to make for the new relationship to work? Feel free to use the commentary function to exchange your experiences with us. We are looking forward to your stories.

By Louisa Knoll

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