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The Zodiac Signs of Dogs - Astrology for Pets

Many people believe in the power of astrology and use the stars as a guide, advisor and element of human knowledge. The star sign under which a person was born can reveal exciting details about their character, behaviour and even their career. If you also know your ascendant, you can dive deep into the spiritual world of astrology. Astrology illuminates the connections between astronomical events, i.e. certain constellations, and earthly processes. All earthly beings can thus be included in astrology and its interpretations. Dogs, cats and other animals also have a star sign, not only humans. The assignment of the star sign is the same as for us and is based on the date of birth. In the series "Dogstrology" we want to look at the star signs of our faithful four-legged companions and what they might mean. In this article we will look at the Aries dog.

What is my dog's star sign?

Just like with us humans, the zodiac sign is assigned according to the given constellation of the stars at our birth:

  • Capricorn: 22.12. - 20.01.
  • Aquarius: 21.01. - 18.02.
  • Pisces: 19.02. - 20.03.
  • Aries: 21.03. - 20.04.
  • Taurus: 21.04. - 21.05.
  • Gemini: 22.05. - 21.06.
  • Cancer: 22.06. - 22.07.
  • Leo: 23.07. - 23.08.
  • Virgo: 24.08. - 23.09.
  • Libra: 24.09. - 23.10.
  • Scorpio: 24.10. - 22.11.
  • Sagittarius: 23.11. - 21.12.

The zodiac sign Gemini in the dog

Character/ Nature of the Gemini Dog

Dogs with the zodiac sign Gemini have a tendency to be chaotic. Once they have started on something, they quickly get distracted and interrupt their activity. The Gemini Dog is flighty and gets enthusiastic about different subjects, objects and situations quickly and over and over again. He is a quick thinker, is mentally flexible and also a little sneaky. If he recognises a weak point in his owner, he uses it to his advantage. Gemini is one of those dogs you catch on the sofa when their owner is distracted. He is nimble and clever enough to open doors and steal snacks from the pantry. However, the Gemini Dog doesn't handle consequences very well. Strictness and seriousness make him nervous. If he is nagged or reprimanded, he tends to overreact, such as scratching or chasing his tail, in order to escape the emotionally loaded situation.

Special features of the zodiac sign Gemini in the Dog

The Gemini Dog likes to be the centre of attention and is up for any kind of mischief. He runs ahead, animates his fellow dogs and is sometimes hard to get down from his play instinct. With his chaotic and restless nature, it is important to initiate targeted periods of rest and to interrupt too wild play after a while. Otherwise the Gemini-born will play until they drop. At home, too, this sign of the zodiac needs a quiet place to sleep or even a box that can be closed if necessary. The Gemini dog will be happy to go for long walks in new and varied areas.

Which star sign suits the Gemini Dog?

Whether two-legged or four-legged. Which star sign suits the Gemini-born best? The ideal counterpart to the adventurous star sign Gemini is Leo-born. The Leo is just as social and adventurous and these zodiac signs will have a lot of fun together - no boredom is guaranteed here. Freedom-loving Sagittarius is also the ideal partner for Gemini-borns. They share their restlessness and independence. Libra and Gemini complement each other wonderfully. For here chaos and order meet, reaching the perfect middle together.

William Walker Tip for the Gemini Dog

The Gemini dog needs specific rest phases and for this a really cosy dog bed. The dog bed Stone in a warm grey tone is perfect for the four-legged slob. The filling is soft enough to let the dog sink into a world of doggy dreams, but at the same time strengthens the bones and joints stressed by turbulent play thanks to the rebound force. The Gemini dog also likes to be the centre of attention and therefore wants to be dressed extravagantly. The William Walker dog collar in the colour rose is perfect for a glamorous and successful appearance.

From Louisa Knoll

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