Entrepreneurs - Why many entrepreneurs have a dog

As an entrepreneur, everyday life is often exhausting, and it doesn't matter if there are 1000 people working in the company or if you're a lone warrior. It's hard to find time for yourself, to maintain friendships, to go to the gym or simply to switch off for a moment and do nothing. So it's not uncommon to get lost in your own world without realizing it and unconsciously distance yourself from loved ones and things in life. There are, of course, many ways entrepreneurs can get more involved with themselves and the things that are supposedly important in their lives, but one method that is not so obvious but very effective is the following:

You decide to have a dog in your life

So the "simple" solution to this is supposed to be a dog? It is statistically proven that 60% of entrepreneurs have a dog* and for good reason. A dog is a loyal companion and ironically, the added responsibility that comes with a dog actually alleviates stress. A dog often brings out the best in you and helps an entrepreneur focus while thinking about relevant decisions. Below we present the 5 reasons why every entrepreneur should consider a dog!

Dogs reduce the level of cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone you hear and read about all the time. This hormone rages at significantly higher levels in high-risk occupations such as entrepreneurship. High levels of cortisol are not only associated with developments of disease, but also with decreased efficiency at work. Dogs can be instrumental in lowering cortisol levels in humans and counteracting such disease development.

Being active through the dog

When it comes to self-care, I think we can all agree that almost everyone should spend more time there. The key here is a sustained exercise routine. For this sporting routine to be a success, it helps significantly, of course, if the exercise is actually fun and enjoyable and it is not so much a far torturous to-do on the already far too long to-do list. A dog is a constant reminder that no matter how stressful the day was, that you have been given the "freedom" to be "allowed" to get out into the air every day to exercise together. This is pure luxury, which interestingly enough, busy people deny themselves again and again.

A dog promotes positive social interaction

Head over water in work is often the normal state for entrepreneurs, which is why self-employed people like to talk about "self" and "constantly" when it comes to work. Focusing on one's own work and achieving success can take up so much space in one's life that, in the end, there is no one left with whom to share the joy of what has been achieved. Having a dog by your side has proven to be a proven remedy here. For example, walking the dog together is not only good for one's health, but also promotes positive social interactions and helps make new friendships and maintain existing ones.

A dog for a healthy cardiovascular system

Responsibility, personal drive or pressure to succeed, the reasons are almost endless, but entrepreneurs often have both feet on the gas. That's totally okay in principle, of course, but it's problematic when such phases become the rule rather than the exception. The body is not designed for such a continuous load and ultimately, no matter how noble the drive behind it, it often leads to serious illnesses in the cardiovascular system in the medium term. Already the several-minute stroking of a dog in the day, lowers demonstrably the blood pressure and the heart frequency. Especially when the work stress is high, such shared moments with the dog are a true miracle cure and better than some medicine.

Reduces anxiety with a dog by your side

Whether it's a big business or an independent freelancer, as an entrepreneur you need courage and must be willing to take a risk. Especially before difficult decisions and also exactly when something has gone wrong, it can come, the fear. Fear is part of life and especially of the entrepreneurial life, it helps you to weigh risks and in the right dose fear is not only a negative feeling, but a guardrail in the daily decision jungle. It becomes a problem when fear paralyzes us and makes us unable to make decisions. For any entrepreneur, this is an intolerable state that must be resolved quickly. Also here the pure presence of a dog can work true miracles. It is already several times investigated and occupied, that dogs have an anxiety restraining, stress reducing influence on the human mind. You could say: A little bit of dog every day keeps the harm away.

With that in mind, we hope you found the tips helpful for yourself or for your friends or acquaintances in similar situations to whom you can now give the "Perfect Dog Pitch".


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