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What exactly does "dog breed" mean?

A dog breed is a specific and distinguishable breeding of a domestic dog. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) currently has about 370 different dog breeds listed and thus recognized. The cynological umbrella organization assigns the dog breeds to different groups and sections based on their appearance and nature. There are 10 FCI groups, including, among others, FCI Group 1: Herding Dogs & Cattle Dogs or FCI Group 3: Terriers.

The choice of dog breed - which dog suits me?

To deal with the different dog breeds is crucial for us humans especially when we want to get a new four-legged friend. Which dog suits me? That is the most important question when buying a dog. It does not always have to be a purebred puppy, because even in the case of mixed breeds from the shelter, the various breed combinations give us information about whether the dog will be very large, for example, or possibly has a hunting instinct. However, not only the breed and its characteristics determine the development and behavior of the four-legged friend, but also the education and socialization.

The Labrador Retriever - a child loving family dog

William Walker Labrador Retriever

  • Weight: 25-36 kg
  • Height (Shoulder): 55-62 cm
  • Ø Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Fur colors: black, chocolate brown, gray/blue, yellow/beige
  • Breed assignment: FCI Group 6 - retrieving dogs, foxhounds, water dogs

History and origin of the Labrador Retriever

About the actual origin of the Labrador the dog breeders are still arguing. However, it is generally believed that the ancestors of the Labrador Retriever, which is related to the Newfoundland and the Landseer, came from the Canadian east coast, the Labrador Peninsula. In the 19th century the Labrador as we know him today was bred in Great Britain and is consequently recognized as a British dog breed. In England the nimble and swimming "Labbi' originally had the task of helping with hunting or fishing. Through centuries of breeding the bright dogs were bred less and less hunting-oriented and more family-oriented. Today the Labrador is considered one of the top 5 most popular dog breeds, especially in Great Britain, the USA and in Germany.

Character/Nature - a kind and loving dog

The Labrador is considered the family dog par excellence, especially when there are small children in the house, this is mainly due to its good-natured nature. The breed-typical Labrador Retriever is far from being aggressive or shy towards people. The bright, curious and friendly dog has a good social behavior with people and also with other four-legged friends. Labradors are considered to be very eager to learn and love to retrieve. Their intelligence and the will to please their owners makes it very easy for them to deal with them on a daily basis. As with all dog breeds the character of a dog stands and falls with the education.

Education - the Labrador is considered the ideal dog breed for beginners

The Labrador is very suitable as a first dog for inexperienced people, especially because of its friendly and smart nature. Raising a Labbi is usually a lot of fun, as he is eager to learn and inquisitive. He wants to please, loves to be praised and get attention. Nevertheless, the training of a Labrador Retriever should be consistent and intense, especially because of his strong and compact stature. Especially males, which tend to dominate people and animals, should be trained intensively. Because of his hunting instinct, his recall and retrieve should be especially correct. Particularly suitable for daily training are retrieving games and extensive swimming sessions. Jumping and sudden braking should be avoided at all costs, as Labbis are prone to the typical joint diseases of large dogs due to their build. In addition, Labbis are often very greedy, which is why just in terms of poison bait etc. educational should be paid attention to a clear "No".

Holding - a Labrador Retriever needs exercise and mental challenges

The Labrador is a bright but also laid-back dog. Young dogs, of course, need much more exercise than seniors. On average you should walk the Labrador in the normal measure 2-3 times a day. Particularly much joy has the swimming-loving four-legged friend at the water. A garden would also be ideal, as he likes to play and curiously goes on sniffing tours. As with most dogs the more exercise a dog gets on a daily basis, the more likely it is that he can be kept in smaller apartments. At home he can be wonderfully occupied with intelligence games - he loves a mental challenge. Companionship is very important to him and intense cuddling and petting should not be lacking with this cute pelt-nose. He feels most comfortable in the circle of his family.

Fashion Tip/Size Recommendation for the Labrador

The Labrador has beautiful short fur on which stylish collars are very recognizable. Bright colors come into their own here especially well. Our Dog Collar Peppermint, with color-matching Leash and Poop Bag Holder, not only lies easily on the dense coat of the Labrador, but looks simply stunning on black, brown and beige. For extensive but still stylish splashing in the lake, our robust and washable Leashes and Collars made of Paracord in the colors Royal and Hanseatic are especially suitable. We recommend for the Labrador with an average neck measurement of 50-55 cm size L - XL. Who is particularly fashionable on the road in terms of dog accessories should definitely take a look at our new Bandana Collection.


By Louisa Knoll

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