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What exactly does "dog breed" mean?

A dog breed is a specific and distinguishable breeding of a domestic dog. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) currently has about 370 different dog breeds listed and thus recognized. The cynological umbrella organization assigns the dog breeds to different groups and sections based on their appearance and nature. There are 10 FCI groups, including, among others, FCI Group 1: Herding Dogs & Cattle Dogs or FCI Group 3: Terriers.

The choice of dog breed - which dog suits me?

To deal with the different dog breeds is crucial for us humans especially when we want to get a new four-legged friend. Which dog suits me? That is the most important question when buying a dog. It does not always have to be a purebred puppy, because even in the case of mixed breeds from the shelter, the various breed combinations give us information about whether the dog will be very large, for example, or possibly has a hunting instinct. However, not only the breed and its characteristics determine the development and behavior of the four-legged friend, but also the education and socialization.

William Walker Border Collie

  • Weight: 12 - 20 kg
  • Height (Shoulder): 46 - 56 cm
  • Ø Life expectancy: 10-17 years
  • Fur colors: black, white, blue, blue merle, red merle, current, purple, browns, sable merle, red, gold
  • Breed assignment: FCI Group 1 - Herding dogs and cattle dogs

History and origin of the Border Collie

The Border Collie owes its name to its origin. Namely, he originally comes from the border region between England and Scotland. Since time immemorial, the Border Collie has been used as a herding dog for sheep. Since 1976 the Border Collie is considered as an own dog breed recognized by the FCI and has been bred since then. While the Border Collie used to be bred exclusively as a working dog for shepherds, his reputation changed at the latest through movies like "Piggy Babe". Breeders tried to adapt their breeding to this new role as a family dog, but the Border Collie's very own task, herding sheep, is deeply embedded in their genes. It is now one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Character/personality - well suited for very active families

The clever herding dogs have a pronounced zeal for work. With their agile yet robust build, as well as their high intelligence, they are considered a type of high-performance dog. They are docile and eager to please their master or mistress. The combination of workhorse and people-pleaser can drive the Border Collie to the brink of exhaustion in their zeal. In addition to the mental and physical workload of the Border Collie, it is therefore just as important to insert targeted rest periods and to praise the hardworking four-legged friend with love and caresses. The hard-working Collie does not like to rest on his own. In addition to his intelligence, it is his sense for the moods of his owner, which makes the Border Collie an incredibly sensitive dog and a loyal companion and the best friend of an active family.

The education of the demanding Border Collie

The Border Collie is not necessarily a dog for beginners. His sensitivity and the characteristics deeply rooted in his breed demand a consistent and time-consuming education. The Border Collie is not a dog that can stay alone for hours and likes to chill on the sofa. He wants to be challenged physically as well as mentally, otherwise he suffers, which can be strongly noticeable in his behavior. Because of his desire to please, the Border Collie usually obeys well and shows eagerness to learn and engage. Through his emotional intelligence towards his owner, the Collie also learns which behaviors will get him attention or treats, for example. He cleverly exploits the weak points in the education.

The attitude of the Border Collie

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Long bike rides, hikes, agility training and whatever other canine activities are ideal for the Border Collie. To balance the physical activities, it is equally important to mentally challenge his active companion. Intensive rest periods, where the Border Collie can really switch off, must be organized and wisely implemented. Because the eager herding dogs can relax only with great difficulty and need the right atmosphere full of peace, security and as few distractions as possible to really come down. That's why you should offer the dogs a comfortable and quiet place to retreat to when they are still puppies.

The Border Collie is very people-oriented, wanting to herd and protect. If he is not properly exercised, this can lead to an exaggerated protection of his people or even cuddly animals and objects - similar to seemingly pregnant bitches. If the Border Collie gets enough exercise, he can also be kept in apartments. However, a large garden with various play and training opportunities is a great asset, especially for an active dog like the Border Collie. Border Collies are generally considered very robust, but as with any pedigree dog, you should pay attention to a serious breeding before buying to reduce hereditary diseases.

Fashion Tip/Size Recommendation for the Border Collie

The Border Collie is a beautiful, slim and agile dog - he can actually wear anything. Nevertheless, light and not too bulky materials are most suitable to restrict his mobility as little as possible. His coat colors make many designs possible - we recommend the suede Dog Collar Midnight for the Border Collie, with matching Leash, Poop Bag Holder and Treat Bag. The neck circumference of a Border Collie is about 40 - 50 cm, which would require size L for this. In addition, we recommend for an ideal coat care for long-haired breeds our Premium Coat Care Set and the Dog Brush Resolve.

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