Spring styles - fresh looks for you and your dog

William Walker Spring styles for you and your dog

Spring not only brings back the rich colors in nature, but also in our closet. With rising temperatures, blue skies and blooming tulips, the desire for bright tones, soft pastels and floral patterns suddenly returns. The goose down jacket disappears into the basement and is replaced by denim and leather jackets, light wool coats in bright colors and classic trench coats. Oversize looks and loungewear make the spring trends 2021 quite comfortable. But not only we humans can flaunt the spring awakening with our clothes, also our four-legged friends do not miss out in the fashion theme at William Walker.

Pastel for the Fur

The accessories for dogs shine this year in pastel colors. Pink, salmon and apricot make you feel like cotton candy. Mint green, light blue and sage evoke fresh herbs and good weather. William Walker's spring collection shines in sweet, fresh and cheerful pastel colors, 100% handmade. The collars and leashes are made of lightweight, high-quality napa leather - perfect for warmer temperatures and first swims. The William Walker napa collars are available with matching leash and poop bag dispenser in four different colors. The Orange Collar impresses with its warm radiance, which is further emphasized by the white contrast stitching. The Nappa leather in our color Rose reminds of fine tart rose wine and makes you feel like summer. Our collars and leashes in the light blue color Sky No.2 and the fresh green-blue tone Peppermint bring every coat to shine and make it clear that pastel does not always have to be feminine.

Spring care for the coat change

To ensure that the stylish spring fashion for your dog properly comes into its own, the dog's coat should be properly cared for, especially in spring, the time of the coat change. Brushing, combing and grooming is now the most important thing - not only to remove loose fur, but also to stimulate the blood circulation of the dog's skin. Massaging by brushing with pimples is super important in supporting shedding and helps maintain the coat's natural protective film. For long haired dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, our long hair brush Resolve is ideal. For short-haired breeds, bulldogs and co., the short-haired brush Rub is particularly suitable. So that the shiny coat also remains free of spring parasites such as ticks, you can give a small shot of our black cumin oil "Tick Terminator" daily as a dietary supplement on the food.


By Louisa Knoll

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