The perfect Birthday Party for your Dog

William Walker Birthday Dog

The birthday of your beloved dog is coming up? That's worth a little party, a real dog party if you will! Because like all other members of the family, the birthday of your four-legged friend is a special date in the family calendar. So "Happy Birthday" dearest pelt-nose, so that you remain healthy and for a whole eternity in our life! And to make sure you don't forget this day quite so soon, we're making sure it's a special one. We at William Walker have five tips for you to really celebrate your best friend and give him the birthday he deserves!

Time together with your Dog

Time is actually the best gift you can give your faithful companion. Start his day of honor with a long walk. Looking at the clock is taboo today. Today is Lili, Sam, Coco - or whatever your darling is called, the prince or princess. Extended sniffing sessions, a swim in the lake, throwing a Frisbee, fetching a ball - your furry nose dictates what really brings her fun - everything, well, almost everything, is allowed!

The Birthday Breakfast for your four legged Friend

Because it's your favorite's birthday, you should prepare something special in his bowl for a change. Something extra delicious, after all, you only have a birthday once a year. At William Walker, we recommend one of our delicious recipes for your gourmet snout. For example, how about "

No Birthday without a Gift

A new bowl filled with his favorite treats, a new fluffy basket or a great super soft dog blanket? Even with a toy you are guaranteed to make your four-legged friend happy - in our William Walker Play Collection is certainly the right thing for your four-legged friend. A cool new Bandana on top and your dog is not only richly gifted, but also looks really good.

Fun Day Program

Every birthday party needs friends. To make sure your furry friend really has fun, invite one or two dog buddies to an outdoor party in the forest or garden. There you can do things that your loved one has always dreamed of. How about a ball bath? Fill a large flat basket with colorful balls or tennis balls. Your faithful friend can jump in, chew on the balls and chase them. Slalom running is also fun and easy to organize. You can set up various hats (shoes, toilet paper rolls also work) and guide your birthday boy or girl through the course with the help of treats. Or how about the sock game? You'll need as many discarded socks as possible and throw them all in a pile. Under your dog's supervision, hide a treat in just one sock. Mix everything once again and then let your four-legged friend go on the search. Your four-legged friend will certainly enjoy our William Walker Treats, which are not only delicious, but also healthy!

What would a Birthday be without a Birthday Cake?

No birthday! Which is why your dog shouldn't have to miss out on it either. Either you buy the cake ready-made in the pet store or you bake this great treat yourself. We have a super delicious recipe!


- 200 grams of ground beef

- 1 Egg

- 2 grated carrots

- 2 grated potatoes

- 1 small grated zucchini

- A little whole wheat flour

Mix everything together and pour the dough into a greased springform pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 30 minutes. Then let it cool and decorate with cocktail sausages as candles.

Sleep, Birthday Kid, sleep

The day is coming to an end? The evening program includes cuddling, cuddling and cuddling again. And when the eyes slowly fall from sheer well-being and sleepiness, then your happy birthday child can slip into his basket and dream contentedly of the most beautiful day in his life.

How do you organize the birthday of your dearest four-legged friend? Let us know in the comments!

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