Fashionable during the cold season 2021/2022 - the Top 3 Winter Fashion Trends for Dogs and Owners

Girl with a Style in all black and her dog with leather dog accessories

Winter is a magical season. Christmas, the start of the new year, snow flurries and forests dipped in icing - magical. Winter stands for an end and a new beginning, for cosiness and comfort. In terms of fashion, too, the cold season and the turn of the year mark a time of new trends and fashionable comebacks. Fashion-conscious and stylish dog owners in particular do not stop at their own wardrobe. At William Walker, we do our best to include your dog in the latest trends and winter styles. With these partner look styles for you and your dog, you'll bring the catwalk to the street and be fully up-to-date in fashion, if not the new trendsetters on your city block. Fashion lovers, stay tuned ;)

1. Combining Chunky Chelsea Boots - The Revitalised All Black Everything Style

Chunky Chelsea boots with a high shaft are the centrepiece of many styles this year. And the perennial favourite "All-Black-Everything" has also included platform boots in its style catalogue. Cool, elegant, mysterious and sexy - that's what most people associate with the dark all-over look. Always the same? Not at all. Because with the "all-black-everything look", the key pieces and details are constantly changing. In winter 2022, the black, chunky boots are worn for this look - in contrast to last year, the Chelsea boots have a higher and narrower shaft. In black, pair with a turtleneck jumper, oversize coat and tight trousers. Accessories like sunglasses, gloves and hats also follow the "All Black Everything" rule. 

We have the matching dog accessories to turn this cool look into a partner look. Perfect for your chunky Chelsea boots, our Nobile Nero walk set of dog leash and collar in deep black. The two-layer look and the smooth leather come into their own beautifully here. Silver zips or appliqués on your clothes are echoed in the silver fittings of the dog collar and lead. To perfect the co-ord look: There is a chic little key holder to match the Nobile Nero set. Nobile Nero and Chunky Chelsea - It's a Match!

  2. Brit-chic: royal colours, tricolours and plaid fashion

"And we'll never be royals..." I wonder if Lorde wasn't wrong in her song? Because as we all know, clothes make people! With the new Brit-chic keypieces, at least your style is absolutely royal. And your dog's will be, too, from now on: just in time for winter, we at William Walker have launched our new collection in the British-royal design with the fitting name "Charles". The colours of the sewn-on cotton strip, a bright red and a strong dark blue, are reminiscent of Great Britain's national flag. The vintage-style matte waxed brown cowhide leather gives the colours of the Charles collection a robust yet stylish base. Matt gold buckles, carabiners and key rings crown the Charles collection.

To help you keep up with your dog when it comes to styling, we've also put together a look for you. You'll need a plaid skirt/pants, a knitted turtleneck jumper and a navy blue or red cabana jacket. Pick up the Charles look with a nice handbag or belt bag, preferably with gold appliqués. Add a bucket hat, a Baker Boy cap or even a beret and you're absolutely styled for teatime with the Queen. Very British!

3. 50 shades of light: light beige, off-white and co. for the perfect winter look.

With these colours you can compete with the snow. This winter there are 50 shades of light - and you can even combine them. The light shades in the 2022 Trend Colour Catalogue range from bright white to off-white to light beige and sand. Combine them with long woolen oversize coats, thick jumpers and light jeans.

To complete your style and connect with your dog, you can easily attach our treat pouch in the colour sand to your belt. Of course, our smooth leather collection also includes a matching collar, leash and poop bag holder for when you're on the go. But the trend doesn't have to stop at your front door. Our Sand dog bed will blend seamlessly into your beige interior design.

We hope that our little summary has given you some fashion inspirations for your winter partner look with your four-legged friend. There is always room for suggestions and ideas in our comments.

By Louisa Knoll

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