William Walker’s 5 favourite dog movies

Die schönsten Hundefilme - William Walker

By Louisa Knoll

For some time now, everything has changed. The streets are empty, the Italian on the corner has closed the pizza oven and even in the best weather people are urged to stay at home! In fact, this is more important than ever. #stayhome – It's about more than just protecting your own health, it's about solidarity and charity. In these hard times there is at least one person who benefits from the current situation: the beloved dog. Because long walks in the fresh air, during which we always keep the given minimum distance, are of course still allowed.To keep you sufficiently distracted at home we have collected a lot of ideas for you and your wet-nosed friend in our blog post "Corona, my dog and me". And when the daily cuddle-time begins, dog lovers can dive into a world of animal entertainment, online or on TV. We, William Walker, present to you our top 5 dog movies and of course where you can stream them. There is nothing like an evening of movies with our four-legged friend in our arms and in the leading role.

1. Marley & Me

The adorable but wild Labrador puppy Marley turns the lives of his new dog owners upside down. Besides the funny misdeeds of Marley, the film also captures us with its blunt, authentic and honest narrative style. In addition to marital problems and fear of the future, the young couple also has to struggle with great difficulties in Marley's dog training. But despite all this, the couple loves their Marley, and Marley loves them.


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2. Hachiko - A wonderful friendship

This dog movie classic is not only touched by the special friendship between a male Akita and his master, but also by its truthfulness because Hachiko really existed. Every morning he brought his master to the train station and waited there in the evening, full of anticipation for his return - one day unfortunately in vain. Hachiko's owner suffered a sudden death. For almost 10 years the faithful Akita continued to wait in front of the station for his best friend - but he never came back.


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3. Dog Days – Love is a four legged word!

They don't always have to be classics - even some newer dog movies are definitely worth seeing. So this Feel-Good-Movie, released in 2019, with a cast full of stars and lots of animal supporting roles, made it into our Top 5 despite its low profile. In the film, which takes place in Los Angeles, several storylines come together. As different as the owners may be, they all have one thing in common: The love for dogs. This film shines above all by its positive atmosphere, funny scenes and the large number of different dogs.


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4. Scott & Hooch

1989 - Two greats in the leading roles! On the one hand acting legend Tom Hanks and on the other hand a friendly giant, a dogue de Bordaux. Neat freak Scott is a policeman and has to solve a murder case, whose only witness walks on four paws, weighs 60 kilos and droolingly spreads chaos. He takes the dogue de bordaux with him. The unequal couple becomes a top team not only professionally but also relationship wise.


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5. Snowdogs - Eight heroes, each on four paws

Luxury, parties and the hot Miami sun are what dentist Ted Brooks loves and knows. When he learns that he was adopted, his roots, far from glitz and glamour, lead him to a village in Alaska. Being under a culture shock, he wants to sell the heritage of his biological mother, a log cabin and her sled dogs. Ted begins to get to know not only himself, but also the villagers and the eight huskies in a very special way. An unexpected and dangerous adventure intensively welds the young man together with his dogs. We love this humorous and rousing happy ending movie - and not only in the winter.


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If you liked our film selection, or you want to share your favourite dog movie with us, please leave us a comment. We love receiving tips.

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