Dog of divorce - the love is gone, but what is best for the common dog

Every evening at 6:55 p.m. Ciro sits at the front door to wait for his beloved owner, who always comes home at 7 p.m. Also this evening the mixed-breed male dog remains patiently in the hallway - unfortunately in vain. A sight that is all the more painful for his owner, because she knows what Ciro has not yet understood: His owner no longer lives here.

Usually everything starts out so beautifully. Two people meet, the sparks fly and soon after you want to spend every free minute together. Everything runs like clockwork and at some point you realize - love has become love. The move into the first shared apartment follows and suddenly the question arises: What do you actually think about a common dog?

The dog is an animal of habit

It was the same with Ciros owners. During a "we'll only look for the first time" visit to an animal shelter, the young couple discovered the little mixed-breed puppy and fell so unanimously and irrevocably in love with the little man that the decision was made. From that day on Ciro was her everything - he made the couple a family. The years went by, a common routine developed, and the clever mixed-breed male learned when his master finished work every evening.

Dogs can not only develop an extremely good feeling for times of day, but are generally very receptive to habits. For example, dogs who always get food at the same time will know exactly when to dine. Some of them sit excitedly in front of the bowl, start to howl or even get stomach problems when it gets late. This is because the dog's bodily memory begins to produce stomach acid provisionally at the usual feeding time to speed up digestion. This can lead to heartburn, reflux or an inflammation of the stomach lining in your beloved four-legged friend. Habits and expectations have two sides to dog training. They give structure and order to the dog's everyday life, but they solidify over time and an unavoidable change occurs, confusion, uncertainty and stress. In the life of humans and animals, there can always be upheavals, whether it is a move, a separation or even a new generation in the family. Therefore, in dog training one should pay attention to a good balance between routine and variety.

The dog contract

For Ciro it is unfortunately too late for that and he has to learn the hard way how confusing changes can be. But luckily time heals all wounds and Ciro will soon see his owner again. Not punctually at 7 pm, but twice a week for a walk. Because his owners have done everything right: they have made arrangements in advance for Ciro's whereabouts in the event of a separation and have even put them in writing. So there is no further potential for dispute with his owners, at least in this matter. In their "dog contract", the former couple has specified with whom Ciro will stay, how the finances will be arranged and when visiting hours are. The focus should always be on the well-being of the dog - even if this sometimes means saying goodbye. Because the dog should only have a permanent home. If he is constantly being pushed back and forth, it is not good for him in the long run. Also Ciro will overcome the initial pain of separation more quickly by the soon reunion with his owner and perhaps find out that they are somehow much more satisfied individually. Finally they will deal with him again more intensively than with their relationship problems.

Good distraction

Dogs are incredibly sensitive. Some can even sense and sniff out sensations, moods or even illnesses in humans before they are aware of them themselves. If the dog does not run smoothly, is insecure or has changed in its nature, it is worthwhile to question its own behavior. The time of separation is often loaded with anger and disappointment. Mourning and healing is important, but for dog and human being life must go on. Distraction is everything and a walk in the fresh air with the faithful companion at your side provides the necessary clarity in your head. Ciro has now understood that waiting outside the door is no longer worth it. But he has also understood that it has become quieter and more peaceful in his home again and that he is now, from both sides, doubly spoiled. Because this is how the love between his owners has changed, but never the love they feel for their sweet mongrel. Ciro feels now - as a separation dog he sometimes lives not so bad.


By Louisa Knoll

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