Valentine's Day with a dog - when your biggest love has four legs

Valentines Day with the Dog

My dog, my Valentine - 4 ideas for a wonderful Valentine's Day with your four-legged friend

Today is February 14. Love is celebrated in Germany and in many other countries around the world. The classics on Valentine's Day: flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinners and proposals. For romantics it's a day to give free rein to their feelings and to express to their partners what sometimes comes up far too short in the stressful daily routine - deep affection and appreciation.

Why do we actually celebrate Valentine's Day?

The tradition goes back hundreds of years. There are countless legends about the man who gave the day of love its name. Valentine of Terni, the Italian bishop is said to have been not only a gifted gardener who liked to gift people with the most beautiful flowers from his flowerbeds, he is also said to have secretly contracted forbidden marriages (soldiers, for example, were not allowed to marry in the past). But there is more. According to tradition, he used his healing skills to take care of the poor and the sick, and to reunite people who thought they would have to say goodbye to each other forever. His belief in love seemed stronger than medieval laws and regulations. Valentine of Terni died as a martyr in the sign of charity.

If you believe the stories of Bishop Valentine, Valentine's Day actually has a very beautiful origin. Over the years, however, it has been heavily commercialized - not everyone can or wants to give Valentine's Day greater significance, for some it is just nonsense staged by florists. Others simply want a partner by their side to celebrate the day of love, but have none. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Inspirations with Dog

But the good news is: you don't need a partner or lover to celebrate Valentine's Day to the fullest. Because sometimes your biggest lover has four legs instead of two. There is love in abundance in your life as a dog owner. While the one or other Valentines date dissolves into thin air after a few weeks, masters and mistresses can be sure of the eternal and absolutely unconditional love of their most faithful companion, their dog. So why not use this day to strengthen and celebrate the bond with your beloved four-legged friend. William Walker has some great ideas for you on how you can really enjoy Valentine's Day with your dog!

1. Love goes through the stomach: Homemade dog treats

How about an animal candlelight dinner? Check out our #wwrecipes for great and unusual dishes for your gourmet snout. With our tasty Valentine's recipes for dog cookies you can show your dog once again how much you love him. Because self-made cookies usually not only taste especially delicious, but are also full of love and effort. Your furry nose will appreciate that, too.

Selfmade homemade dog treats heart shaped Valentin`s Day

2. William Walker set instead of a flower arrangement

Instead of spending money on ephemeral flowers, it is much more worthwhile to invest in a gift that you and you four-legged friend love, because shared joy is double joy. Our William Walker Nobile Collection has dog collars and leashes made of high quality smooth leather in noble colors, there is a matching keychain for yourself as well so you and your beloved dog become the perfect match and can show the whole world what an unbeatable team you two are.

Pomeranien Dog with William Walker Leather Collar and Leash Nobile Set

3. Nature Trip with your sweetheart

According to legends, Valentine of Terni also had a green thumb. Why not use Valentine's Day for a nice trip to the nearest dog beach, to the hiking trail you've always wanted to take, or feed the ducks and swans in the nearby park? There's a lot more to nature than red roses. The fresh air, new smells and time together will do you and your dog a world of good. And when the sun comes out the endorphins released will be just like being in love.

Weimaraner Dog in the woods

4. Cuddling is good for the soul and strengthens the connection between you and your dog

Did you know that dogs can also feel a kind of love, infatuation and deep affection? The magic word is oxytocin. Not only do we humans carry this hormone inside us, but it has been proven to be released in our dogs as well. Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle or love hormone and is an important indicator of falling for someone or affection for both, dogs and humans. This hormone is released when you pet your dog for example (if you want to learn more about the emotional life of dogs on the occasion of Valentine's Day, click here). So how about incorporating an extra-large cuddle session with your four-legged friend on the day of love? The cuddle can be combined with a dog movie classic - for inspiration look through our list of our favorite dog movies.

Cuddling with a dog cute

Just try to be aware of all the beautiful things on Valentine's Day, because nothing in life can be taken for granted. Even our four-legged friends won't be with us forever, and you should take every opportunity to show them how great they are. If you don't have a wagging furry nose at home, you can spend the day with your family or best friend, for example, because love, friendship or affection - in whatever form - should always be appreciated and cherished. As Valentine of Terni taught us, Valentine's Day is about much more than chocolates and flower arrangements - it's about spending time with those you love.

On that note, we at William Walker wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

Written by  Louisa Knoll

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