William Walker's Unique Easter Story - Stupps and William on an Easter Mission

The Workplace of the Easter Bunny

Deep in the forest, between tall trees with a thick covering of green leaves, lies a magical place. Framed by colourful flowers, this is where the Easter Bunny's village is located. Every year, the animals of the forest come together to help the Easter Bunny prepare for Easter. Hidden under a large grassy hill is the Easter Bunny's factory. This is where gifts are made, eggs are painted, delicious chocolate creations are designed and, of course, the many Easter egg hunts in people's gardens are prepared. The head of the Easter factory is Papps, the Easter bunny. He distributes the many tasks and supervises his hard-working helpers. The quick hamsters are responsible for the Easter eggs, they wrap the chocolate balls in the brightest and most dazzling colours. The persistent sparrows have to find out which gardens have to be visited. They then mark the addresses with pins on a huge map. This is where Stupps the little Easter bunny and the other young rabbits come into play. They have the great responsibility of swarming out and hiding the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Papps the Easter Bunny knows one thing very well: only together as a team, hand in hand, can all the work for Easter succeed. In the Easter factory, every task is of immense importance and none of the hard-working helpers is dispensable for Papps the Easter Bunny.

Stupps, the little Easter bunny, keeps falling on his nose

The weeks went by and everything seemed to be going according to plan. But then, on what should have been a peaceful and sunny spring morning, it happened. The Easter Bunny's village was hit by a catastrophe: Stupps the Easter Bunny fell on his nose again. Unfortunately, his paws got tangled in a crocus and he fell lengthways onto the forest floor. At first, everything seemed to be half as bad, because everyone knew that Stupps, the little Easter bunny, tends to go wrong from time to time. Usually, the lively school bunny quickly got up again, laughed about his mishap and continued with his work. But this time everything was different. Stupps had seriously injured himself. In the hospital hill with the head bee Dr. Brummer, a broken toe was then tearfully diagnosed, and Stupps was given a thick bandage. Even though the little Easter bunny was soon in good spirits again, he had lost quite a bit of speed. This year, when the hard-working helpers looked at the full card with the pins on it, they hung their heads. Now that Stupps was not fully fit, they had no idea how they were going to hide all the Easter eggs and presents in time for Easter.

Being brave means asking for help

But Papps the Easter Bunny never gave up. One of his best, bravest and boldest qualities was that he was never ashamed to ask for help and support. That's why Papps decided to turn to the Club of Do-gooders. Not only were all the Easter bunnies from all countries members here, but also Father Christmas, St. Nicholas and their helpers. As well as Valentine and his Armor Angels and, of course, the Tooth Fairy. In the club, Papps found open ears and it was Father Christmas who had a solution to offer to save Easter. He knew how hard it could be to get stressed just before an important holiday and a few months ago he had been in a very similar situation. Back then his reindeers had been sick with Corona and at the last minute the shelter dogs, William and co, were able to take their places in front of Santa's sleigh and save Christmas. Santa knew that dogs' hearts are especially big and that they would not hesitate for a second to help the Easter Bunny on his mission, too. He was to be proved right: William, the Golden Retriever immediately agreed to travel to the Easter Bunny's village and take over the duties of the injured bunny Stupps. William arrived punctually on Good Friday and the animal Easter adventure could begin.

Gifts for Easter

Very early on Easter morning it was still deep dark outside, pearls of fresh morning dew glistened in the moonlight on the leaves of the forest. The Easter Bunny, his rabbit helpers, William, and Stupps, pulled by him in a small wooden sleigh, set out to hide the many Easter eggs and gifts. Each had precise instructions as to which gardens they had to take care of. For William and Stupps, the first step was to go all the way north to the Danish border. Here they met the Danish Easter Bunny, named Påskehare. He took on the task of delivering a very special Easter parcel: A pink dog collar for Camilla O'Leary and her dog in Denmark - she is the first winner of the William Walker raffle.

In William's home country

After William and Stupps had worked their way further and further through the many colourfully decorated gardens in the north of Germany and had diligently hidden eggs, they went to a very special place for William. To Hamburg. A place that was not only his hometown, but also gave him mixed feelings. Here he had been born as one of 6 puppies and shortly afterwards had joined his new family, whom he had loved more than anything. But as happy as this memory made him, it also hurt him to think of his human family. They had left him in a shelter and broken little William's heart. The years in the shelter had been hard, but then Santa had adopted him and given him a home and a forever family. That moment had changed his life and has shone like a lucky charm deep inside Goldie William ever since. He was proud to return to this place as a healthy happy dog with a great family, with his new friend Stupps by his side. But they had travelled to Hamburg for a reason. Here they got to deliver the next winner, Charly (@moin.charly) his Easter gift, a collar in the colour Sea Salt No. 2.

Easter without er makes east

William and Stupps were out all day and it was dusk by the time they reached their final stop. There was still one winner of the William Walker raffle to gift. When they arrived in the east of Germany, they were able to hide a collar in the colour Sky No.2 in the garden of Anna-Lena Wilke and her sweet dog.

William's first Easter

After all the hustle and bustle, it was finally done! All the Easter eggs and presents had been delivered and the companions made their way back to the Easter Bunny's forest factory. For there they were now allowed to enjoy and celebrate Easter extensively themselves. They ate yeast plaits, chocolate eggs, fresh fruit and Easter bread. William painted blown out eggs in the most beautiful colours for the first time in his life. What a successful Easter!

William, the dog with the big heart, and the brave Easter bunny Papps proved how important it is to ask for help and to give help. Because only if we stick together we can master crises and disasters and emerge even stronger from them. And from Stupps the little Easter bunny we have learned that it is okay to fall down, to be imperfect, as long as we get up again and do our best.

The William Walker team wishes you a Happy Easter. Congratulations to the winners of our raffle: Camilla, Charly and Anna-Lena. Stay safe and sound everyone!

From Louisa Knoll 

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Thank you so much! I am ecstatic!!! What a sweet story <3 Happy Easter to all :-)

Camilla O'Leary 20 abril, 2022

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