William Walkers most stylish Dog Owners on Social Media

The dog is man's most faithful companion - This proverb knows as good as everyone. We love our four-legged friends precisely because they are always at our side. Influencers are by no means spared from their attractive effect. And let's face it, who doesn't love seeing stylish outfit posts in their timeline that even match the outfit from the dog? To inspire you a little bit, we've picked out the most-stylish Instagram influencers with a dog for you.

@Viktoriahutter and Winnie - Viktoria's statement: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom". And she definitely is. True to the motto "never not matching" she rocks every outfit with her cute Winnie.

@Clairerose and Billie - Aren't these two cute? These are Claire and Billie. Billie was found on the street near the Mexican border. Claire's family has been adopting animals forever and affectionately calls Billie a Milkshake. A DNA test showed that she is a mix of Husky, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua. Doesn't matter at all, because fact is that Billie is just incredibly cute. Together the two really rock every look.

@anh_phoenix and Miu - Cool, cooler, Anh & Miu! These two look like they just came off the runway. We have already written about the gorgeous outfit of the couple in our photo of the month.

@Rianne.meijer and Harvey - Rianne is not only a particularly stylish dogmom, but also a really funny one. She entertains her 1.3 million followers daily with funny stories and posts. Of course, her toy poodle Harvey and her new addition Rosie are not to be missed..

@Emrata and Colombo - The cliché that dog and owner are alike is definitely confirmed by this dream team!

@negin_mirsalehi and Mosey - Negin and Mosey are a really stylish duo! Mosey even has his own Instagram account with 62 thousand followers. That makes him an influencer himself. Watch out Negin, don't let Mosey steal your show!

@novalanalove and Oreo - Anyone can carry a handbag and jewelry - fashion blogger Farina Opoku uses her Oreo as a fluffy accessory. The golden retriever has only been by Farina's side since 2020 and is causing quite a stir. You can see more pictures on Farina's Instagram.

Do you also have favorite influencers with a dog? Feel free to leave a comment, we are looking forward to see what you think!

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