William Walkers Photo of the Month #5

William Walkers Photo of the Month #5

Isn't he cute? Little Ares Tyson is crowned our Photo of the Month this month and we at William Walker think it is totally deserved. Wearing our Sky Collar with an incomparable charm, he dozes off with a heavenly carefree attitude. The happiness is written all over the little old english bulldog's face! We are especially happy because our winner of this month comes from Switzerland. Obviously the Sky Collar shines even more in the heights!

Less is more - Summer trends for small dogs

This summer especially our little four-legged friends are not missing out! True to the motto "less is more" we at William Walker have designed our Small Dog Collection without forgetting the fashion aspect. Whether in heavenly Sky, as Ares wears it, our beautiful pastel colors Peppermint or Orange or yet classic elegant in Royal Black or the brown Makassar - at William Walker there is just the right thing for every fur color and every breed! Due to its extra small carabiner, the small City leash ensures even greater wearing comfort for our little four-legged friends and thanks to its narrow width of 1.5 cm the leash radiates a discreet beauty without losing sight of itself. It is extra light, fits perfectly in your pocket when your dog runs through fields and meadows and makes every summer trip even more enjoyable for dog and owner!

Our Small City Leashes are exclusively for the collar sizes XS and XXS. But also our big fur noses should not be overlooked and are with our City Leashes in optimal company and perfectly equipped for the summer!

Your dog could be the next big winner! Feel free to send us photos of your dogs, whether in the comment section, on Instagram or by mail. We are looking forward to see your photos!


By William Walker

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