What to be aware of when buying a Puppy

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Congratulations! You want to walk through your future life with a lively furry nose? Great decision! Because we know a dog is not just a dog - with a short wag of the tail, poodles, dachshunds, retrievers and co. can express more feelings than many persons can with words, they are the most loyal companions. Your new family member will love you without questioning. Whether in good times or bad, your newfound friend will always be by your side. And in crises, apart from solving the problem, there is hardly anything more healing than stroking through thick fur and having your tears wiped away by man's best friend, the dog.

You want to see your dog grow up and accompany him from his first weeks if possible? Then a puppy is exactly the right choice for you. To have a lot of joy with your future companion, you should consider a few things in advance. Because once you have looked into the little beady eyes of a puppy, it will be all over you and you will no longer be able to think rationally. In the following article, we at William Walker, want to show you what's really important.

Buying a puppy in a Shelter

All over the animal shelters there are furry noses waiting for a new home. So before you start looking for breeders, you should pay a visit to the animal shelters in your area. True to the motto "Adopt, don't shop" you can give a dog a second chance and do something good. Not only are there many different breeds, sizes and characters, but often puppies and young dogs are given into the care of animal shelters. Are you an owner of an animal shelter yourself? Then take a look at our William Walker Care Program!

Buying a Puppy from a Breeder

If you buy your little ball of wool from a breeder, you should definitely check his seriousness. Unfortunately, there are many black sheep among breeders. The best thing to do is to ask your friends or breed clubs for addresses. A serious breeder is registered with an association or at least an officially registered breed club and the most important thing: dogs are not mass products. A breeder should therefore not have one litter after the next and certainly not several at the same time. For a loving, healthy and happy start in life, puppies should stay with their mother for at least eight weeks.

First Approaches and Visits before buying a Puppy

Make an appointment with the breeder or in the shelter! Is the chemistry right, what does your gut feel like? It is important that the breeder is first and foremost passionate about what he does and treats his offspring with love. But he should also ask you questions about your living environment and your living situation and be interested in how well and competently his dog baby will grow up in the new home.

The Environment of the little four-legged Friend is crucial

The little one should be allowed to take his first breaths in a clean, friendly, bright and warm environment. Surrounded by his mother, siblings, toys and members of the breeder family. Hands off so-called "breeders" who sell their animals at markets, in the car or by phone.

The Relationship with the Dog Mom is important

Look closely! Does she lovingly care for her offspring, nurse and protect them? And is the relationship between her and the breeder characterized by friendship? Then this is a big plus. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that dubious dog breeders sell puppies that have been removed from their mother way too early. On the question about the mother they present then any other dog mom. You can see that it is not the biological mother by the fact that the mom has no interest in the puppies and pushes them away and sometimes even becomes aggressive.

Behavior and Character of the little Puppies

When you look at the little dog your heart starts to beat and it can be very difficult to keep a clear view. Try anyway, it will be worth it. So how is the fur of the little guy? How is his behavior? Puppies by nature want to play, sniff, conquer the world. If on the other hand they are limp, lazy, apathetic, lying in the corner, or fearful, then you should - even if it is difficult - look for another breeder.

Dogs should have a Vaccination Certificate

Your new family member should already be vaccinated against hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirosis and distemper when he moves into his new home. A look at the vaccination record will give you a peaceful state of mind. You should also ask who the treating veterinarian is (address!) and whether your little treasure is chipped and regularly dewormed.

Purchase Contract, Adoption Fees and other important Papers

Are there certificates, a pedigree or health tests? A good, reputable breeder will present everything to you without being asked and will only hand over his protégé to new hands with a purchase contract. The contract includes the purchase price, which is usually around 1,000 euros for purebred animals, as well as the breed, sex, studbook number and chip number of the puppy.

Have you worked through the checklist? Then nothing stands in the way of your happiness as a puppy mom and a great future awaits you with the most loyal friend at your side! We wish you and your four-legged friend the best of luck and see it like the writer Carl Zuckmayer: "A life without a dog is a mistake!

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