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More and more people do not want to miss their four-legged friends on holiday. Especially if the destination is a fairytale nature, most dog owners almost get a guilty conscience when they think about leaving their dog at home during great walks, hikes or refreshing bathing stops. And doesn't the hard-working pelt-nose actually deserve a holiday from the super exhausting dog life? After all, it's a pretty tough job to keep an eye not only on your two-legged friends but also on everything edible in the house. To make your well-deserved holiday a success for both humans and animals, we at William Walker have put together a checklist for you to look out for before and when travelling with your dog.

Checklist: Travelling with your dog

Golden rule: Be sure to read the entry regulations for dogs for the respective holiday country beforehand.

- Vaccinations: Many countries have different vaccination requirements. In general, all standard vaccinations should be provided before the start of the trip and rabies vaccination may also be necessary. The dog's vaccination record should be complete and should always be carried and ready to hand during the holiday.

Tip: To ensure that everything goes smoothly, we recommend a full veterinary check one month before the trip. If there is still a missing vaccination, there is enough time to refresh it. A rabies vaccination, for example, is only effective after 21 days and the dog is officially only allowed to enter most countries after this time.

- Muzzle: Whether on the bus or train, in restaurants or other public places, unfortunately there can often be a muzzle obligation for dogs. Therefore, one should absolutely pack one into the suitcase as a precaution. It is also worth getting your dog used to wearing a muzzle beforehand - especially if you have to make long train journeys.

Tip: For some companies it is already enough if the dog wears a mouth loop. We recommend having both with you and switching between the two utensils depending on the regulations and situation.

- Food: Where can I get the right dog food locally? You should check in advance which brands of food are available locally. It may be necessary to take the food ration from home. Especially if your four-legged friend is depending on special food.

Tip: It is also possible to have the food sent to the holiday destination in advance by post or via a delivery service such as Amazon. Most animal-friendly hotels accept food packages in advance on request. Since this can cause delays, you should place your order at least 2 weeks in advance and have a ration of food with you for 1-2 days.

- Portable sleeping place: New smells, loud noises, strange people - travelling can be stressful for your four-legged friend. Whether in the dog box or on the dog blanket, the dog needs a place to sleep where he feels comfortable. In addition, the sleeping place should be flexibly placeable, practical to transport and easy to clean. With the William Walker Travelmatt and Dog blanket Dive even the hard track floor becomes a comfort zone.

Tip: Your four-legged friend should have his travelling rug properly laid out at home. This way the blanket will take on familiar smells that he associates with security. It makes him feel as if he always has a piece of home with him - everywhere. More information about the importance of dog beds can be found here.

local veterinarian: In case of emergency it is always helpful to look up some addresses of veterinarians or animal emergency stations on the Internet. In this way, you are not left helpless and empty-handed, but can act as quickly as possible.

Tip: Dog-friendly hotels usually have the numbers of veterinarians and other helpful addresses for all animal emergencies at hand. If you have not researched in advance, you can usually get all the information you need at the hotel reception.

Pack well: Whether it's a dog life jacket, rucksack, fur brush, excrement bag or a foldable drinking bowl - those who pack practically have less stress during the trip and on site. Dog hygiene and the protection of sensitive dog skin should not be neglected on holiday either.

Tip: Dogs do not wear hiking boots - the sensitive paws can be protected with our William Walker Paw Care Balm . For all those who travel to the south: the unusual sunshine on the beach requires here and there a little sunscreen on the dog's nose, but above all one thing: the shady parasol should not be missing on a beach day with a dog.

By Louisa Knoll

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