Human Snacks - What can your dog eat?

As with us humans, nutrition is also for our four-legged friends the A and O for a healthy and long life. As many people don't know, nutrition makes up 70% of a dog's health and thus has a considerable effect on life expectancy.

Whether dry food, wet food or B.A.R.F., there are many different types of dog food, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important, no matter what kind of food you choose, that your dog gets all the nutrients he needs. Which of these are cannot be said in general since the age, illnesses or allergies and the daily exercise plays a role. Here is a short summary:

Dry food is the most classic form of pet food and therefore probably offers the largest selection of varieties. It is easy to handle, has a long shelf life, is filling and, due to its hard consistency, ensures healthy and well-kept teeth. Dry food is, as the name suggests, very dry, which is why dog owners must ensure that there is always enough water available and that their dog drinks enough. In addition, the high cereal content of many types of dry food is also a point of criticism, because although it provides a quick feeling of fullness, it is not optimally suited for transporting nutrients and is not on the natural diet of a dog.

Wet food is somewhat more expensive compared to dry food, but tastes much better to many dogs. This is due to the higher meat content, which enables dogs to cover a greater demand for animal proteins. A further advantage is that wet food has a liquid content of up to 70%, which strongly supports the water balance. The disadvantages of wet food are, among other things, the storage and the shortened shelf life. In addition, not every dog tolerates such a moisture-rich food equally well, which is why in some cases digestive problems such as diarrhoea can occur.

In B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) only raw meat, bones and vegetables are fed. This type of feeding is based on the natural feeding habits of wolves. Since mainly fresh ingredients are used and no fillers, the quality is naturally much higher than with dry or wet food. As you can imagine, B.A.R.F. is not only more expensive than dry or wet food, but also much more complex. You have to be even more conscious that you provide your dog with all nutrients. Here it can come without large error fast times to weight problems and lack symptoms.

Whether you choose dry food, wet food or B.A.R.F., it is important that you pay attention to the right nutrients and the optimal composition. Every dog is different, this also applies to nutrition. So feel free to try a little bit until you and your dog have found the optimal nutrition. No matter how differently your dogs ultimately feed themselves, they all have one thing in common: the irresistible dog look. He doesn't know it, you open a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips and seconds later your four-legged friend is standing next to you, looking at you and expecting you to share in complete solidarity. As you surely know, our four-legged friends have a different metabolism than we humans, which is why many human treats are absolutely taboo for dogs. To make sure that you are optimally prepared for your dog's next doggy look, we have prepared a list of snacks for you to enjoy together. In addition, you will find another list of snacks that you "unfortunately" have to enjoy alone and should not be left lying around.

Common snacks for you and your Dog:

Apples: They are rich in vitamin A, C and fiber, a small piece in the afternoon is the perfect snack for your dog.

Bananas: They contain potassium and lots of fiber. They are also low in cholesterol, which makes them an ideal occasional snack for you and your dog.

Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries: The berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, they are low in calories and thanks to their size they are a perfect dog treat for in between meals.

Carrots: are very high in fiber and are a good change from fatty chews.

Boiled eggs: Boiled eggs are a gourmet treat for many a four-legged friend and a source of protein at the same time.

Cucumbers: They consist mainly of water and are therefore a refreshing snack, both for humans and dogs.

Coconut flakes & coconut meat: They are not only delicious, but are also considered a natural deworming product.

Fennel & Basil: These two herbs are very good for your dog's digestion.

Snacks that can be unhealthy or even poisonous for your dog:

Chocolate: Theobromine contained in chocolate is toxic to dogs. Dark chocolate and real cocoa powder are more dangerous than milk chocolate, which is due to the lower cocoa content.

Grapes/raisins: The substance oxalic acid in grapes has a damaging effect on the kidneys of dogs. The same applies to raisins, which, as dried grapes, no longer contain oxalic acid.

Avocados: The persine contained in avocado has a toxic effect on dogs and can lead to respiratory distress, digestive disorders and general weakness.

Dairy products: Although they are not toxic, they cause flatulence and diarrhoea, especially when consumed in excess.

Onions, Garlic & Leek: cause flatulence and contain sulfur compounds that are toxic to dogs.

Chilli, Pepper & Curry: These spices are too intensive for the fine senses of our four-legged friends

How can I avoid that my dog eats something he should not eat?

To prevent your dog from eating unhealthy food you should keep order in the kitchen and especially on lower shelves such as the couch or bedside table and not leave any food lying around.

Emergency: My dog has eaten something poisonous, what now?

Step 1: Keep calm! Give your dog security, the situation is at least as stressful for him as it is for you.

Step 2: It is best to contact a veterinarian as soon as poisoning is suspected and keep the item or food to enable the veterinarian to diagnose and treat it more quickly.

Do you have any further tips and suggestions on this topic? What are your favorite snacks for your dog? Write us your comments, we are curious what you have to tell us! Until then, happy snacking and stay healthy!

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