Fresh from the oven: snacks and pastries for your dog #WilliamWalkerRecipes #wwchristmasbakery

Finally it is baking time again! Winter is coming and with it delicacies like gingerbread, vanilla croissants or cinnamon stars. What could be better than the smell of freshly prepared pastries from the oven, which fills the whole room with a pleasant smell. Whether hearty, chocolaty or fruity, the large field of baking recipes leaves nothing to be desired. Baking not only produces tasty results, but is also considered to be an absolute quality time for couples, families or friends. Love goes through the stomach. When the aromas of baked apples and vanilla spread through the air, not only for us two-legged friends does the stomach growl. The dog's nose is stretched up into the air, the anticipation of a feast increases for our dogs as well. Unfortunately dogs do not tolerate many ingredients of human snacks, especially nuts and chocolate. So that the hope of the sniffing gourmet muzzle need not be disappointed, we present three of our favorite recipes from the William Walker Bakehouse for Dogs today. So your sweet four-legged friend can also take part in the beautiful winter baking time. Because in William Walker's Christmas bakery there are many delicacies.

Let's bake!

1. Williams Sausage-Surprise

(tasty liver sausage dog cookies with goat milk)


  • 250 g Spelt flour
  • 250 g Poultry liver sausage
  • 50 g spelt flakes
  • 100 ml Goat milk
  • a small shot of linseed oil

Approximately ¾ of the spelt flour, the liver sausage and Dinkelflocken with one another mix. Then mix with the goat's milk and linseed oil. The ingredients must be kneaded well. Work the rest of the spelt flour into the dough and spread it on a table top. The dough can now be rolled out to a thickness of about ½ cm. Now cut out the cookies with any shapes and lay them out on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake the dog cookies at about 200 degrees top and bottom heat for about 20 minutes. Depending on the volume of the cookies, the baking time varies by plus/minus 5 minutes. For animal liver sausage lovers, these cookies are an absolutely heavenly sausage miracle with an addictive factor.

2. Williams Coconut-Cracker

(Gluten and cereal free coconut balls with delicious coconut topping)


  • 100 g Coconut flour
  • 50 g Butter
  • 50 g coconut oil
  • 3 Eggs
  • 150 g Grated coconut or coconut flakes
  • 100 ml Goat's milk

First the coconut flour should be sifted. Then mix the coconut flour with the eggs and the coconut oil (room temperature) and the slightly warmed butter. Finally, mix the goat's milk and just over half of the coconut flakes (approx. 80 g) with the dough. The ingredients must now be kneaded really well. With moistened fingers you can easily form small, "mouth-friendly" balls out of the dough. The coconut balls must now be rolled through a bowl full of the remaining coconut flakes until no more flakes stick to the dough. Now bake the delicious balls at 200 degrees top and bottom heat for 20 minutes - depending on the size the baking time varies by a few minutes. Ingredients, which are won from coconuts - grater, flakes, oil, flour... - do not only taste good to our four-legged friend, but work from the inside as natural worm prophylaxis. Williams Coconut Crackers are also ideal for dogs sensitive to gluten and cereals. Delicious and healthy! What more could you want?

3. Williams Tuna-Dream

(Tasty dog cookies with tuna)


  • 2 Cans of tuna (also use the juice)
  • 2 Eggs 300
  • 3 350 g Spelt flour
  • 3 El Olive oil

Place the tuna and its juice in a bowl and mix with all the ingredients. Depending on your needs you can add a little more or less spelt flour to the mixture - the dough should not be too liquid. Knead everything thoroughly and then roll out on a floured surface. The rolled out dough must be about 5 mm thick. Now cut out cookies with different moulds as you like. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees top and bottom heat for 20 minutes. As with any pastry, the baking time varies by a few minutes depending on the thickness and size of the cookies.

Williams Tuna-Dream not only satisfies your dogs desire for hearty food, but also satisfies his or her omega-3 requirements. Tuna is also extremely popular with dogs and makes almost all four-legged friends' mouths water.

With our self-made snacks, fresh from the oven, dog hearts beat faster and those of their owners too. Because what could be better than seeing your best four-legged friend satiated, relaxed and happy? To make sure that the joy lasts, you should let the self-made dog cookies cool down in the air for several hours. Stored in a dry place, preferably in a paper bag, cloth bag or the classic tin cookie tin, the dog cookies will keep for at least 4 weeks.

We wish you happy baking!

By Louisa Knoll

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