The most beautiful dog accessories for autumn walks

Walking is not only fundamental for a life with a dog, but also for human health, exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system and helps to drive away the winter blues. The cool autumn air, the beauty of the rapidly changing nature and a tail-wagging ball of fur, which rages through the colorful foliage, banish tiredness and bad mood in no time. The warm rays of the sun set the woods and meadows perfectly in scene and bring the autumn colors to shine. The colorful nature gives pleasure to the human eye and awakens the desire to become part of the autumnal color composition. Caps, hats and scarves as well as colorful coats, stylish trench coats and the typical "transition jacket" finally return to the wardrobes. From red, green, orange and brown to tartan, velvet and cord textures, the cool season has a lot to offer in terms of fashion. For bipeds, autumn fashion should above all be comfortable and practical. After all, clothing in warm colors must also keep you warm. Our four-legged friends, on the other hand, are protected by a warming, water- and dirt-repellent layer of fur. Even dogs that tend to freeze in the cold and catch colds are usually kept warm enough in autumn by their natural top coat. Winter coats and co. may therefore remain hanging in the dog's locker for a while. Today we will show you which William Walker products you can use to give your four-legged friend a stylish autumn look, so that you not only stay fit but also stay chic on your long walks.

Dark red - sensual, rustic elegance

Red, like love and passion. A strong, but still natural color that we see everywhere, especially in autumn. Shiny vine leaves, decorate the facades of houses and Japanese maple trees conjure up the Indian summer in gardens, forests and parks. The tones change from fuchsia and bright red to crimson, rust and bordeaux red. The William Walker dog collars and leashes in the color Lambrusco are all about the red shades of autumn and make a perfect dog accessory for the autumn walk. Matching the stylish set of leash and collar, the look is enhanced by the noble and practical poop bag holder. The deep dark red color of our Lambrusco products radiates a sensual but rustic elegance, which is emphasized by the suede leather.

50 shades of brown

Whether cognac, gold or chocolate brown. The shades of brown are not only super different but also numerous. In autumn leaves you can find almost every shade of brown and you can see the stage of development of the leaves. Light and bright colors herald the beginning of autumn, while dark brown tones welcome winter shortly before the leaves decay. Our William Walker leather collection reflects the autumn leaves with the products in the color Makassar . The warm and classic brown tone is given a very special luminosity by the white contrast seams. The golden brass elements harmonize perfectly with the brown suede. This look not only suits everyone, but is timeless, noble, but also casual and classic. The duo of lead and collar is completed by the color-coordinated poop bag holder of the Makassar Collection. With these accessories you don't just go for a walk in the woods, but step into perfect harmony with the autumn-winter leafy landscape.

The beauty of autumn is not only to be seen on the relaxing walks with our four-legged friend in the nature. He does not stop at our front doors and brings the color palette of the deciduous forest into our interiors and closets. In the living room the decoration trends of this season call classic red tones, noble brown, colors like curry, forest green, orange and blackberry. When arranging the room, you should focus on simple timeless furniture and equip it with different textiles, decorations such as candles, vases and plants according to the seasons. Also the dog sleeping area can spray autumn mood with the right details. Our William Walker Sleep-Collektion focuses on a high-quality and restrained design. Our dog beds and plaids in stylish shades of grey are versatile, timeless and look great in every season. With the stylish William Walker Play Bones made of leather or fluffy plush can playfully add an autumnal touch to the simple dog bed. Our Play Bone in orange smooth leather or mustard yellow plush reflect the warm colors of the forest on the dog's sleeping place of your dog. The living ambiance is now all about autumn.

Which color from our William Walker range do you like best? We are looking forward to your answers in the comments. Until then we wish you many wonderful autumn walks with your dog.


By Louisa Knoll

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