Dogstrology - Zodiac Signs of the Dogs: The Scorpio Dog

Sternzeichen Skorpion beim Hund

The Zodiac Signs of Dogs - Astrology for Pets

Many people believe in the power of astrology and use the stars as a guide, advisor and element of knowledge of human nature. The zodiac sign under which a person was born can reveal exciting details about the character, behavior and even his career. If you also know your ascendant, you can dive deep into the spiritual world of astrology. This illuminates connections between astronomical events, thus certain star constellations and earthly processes. All earthly beings can thus be included in astrology and its interpretations. Dogs, cats and other animals also have an astrological sign, not only humans. The assignment of the zodiac sign is the same as for us and is based on the date of birth. Here we want to look at the zodiac signs of our faithful four-legged companions and what they might mean. In this post, we will deal with the Scorpio dog.

Which star sign has my dog?

The assignment of the zodiac sign is done just like with us humans according to the given constellation of the stars at our birth:

  • Capricorn: 22.12. - 20.01.
  • Aquarius: 21.01. - 18.02.
  • Pisces: 19.02. - 20.03.
  • Aries: 21.03. - 20.04.
  • Taurus: 21.04. - 21.05.
  • Gemini: 22.05. - 21.06.
  • Cancer: 22.06. - 22.07.
  • Leo: 23.07. - 23.08.
  • Virgo: 24.08. - 23.09.
  • Libra: 24.09. - 23.10.
  • Scorpio: 24.10. - 22.11.
  • Sagittarius: 23.11 - 21.12.

Das Sternzeichen Skorpion beim Hund

If you enter "worst zodiac sign" in the Google search, you don't have to browse through various pages to get a result. Scorpio is in first place. Scorpios born in October or November have a bad reputation: when it comes to dating, this star sign is even a so-called "red flag" for many. But is the Scorpio really as nasty as its reputation? In our opinion: No!

Character / Nature of the Scorpio Dog

Dogs with the star sign Scorpio are similarly self-confident, demanding and direct as Scorpio people. These are by no means negative qualities, but they can intimidate others. Scorpio dogs are of the dominant variety and like to antagonise other alpha zodiac signs. With calm, sensitive and shy dogs, on the other hand, they find great approval and popularity. Scorpios are wild, free and stubborn and up for any kind of mischief. Compared to other self-confident zodiac signs, such as Aries or Leo, Scorpios are unexpectedly sensitive. They don't deal well with stress or an angry master or mistress. Their fine antennae pick up the smallest negative vibrations - these unsettle them. If someone has been nasty to them, they don't forget it so quickly and avoid the dog/person in question. With the Scorpio Dog it is very important not to judge him only by his self-confident appearance, but to show sensitivity. Even if the stubborn dogs magically attract trouble and grumbling by their behaviour, the discipline should not be too severe.

Peculiarities of the zodiac sign Scorpio in the dog

The Scorpio Dog loves its owner more than anything: because those born in October and November are among the most intense of the zodiac signs and can love especially intensely. Of course, this also has its downsides and makes for great jealousy and occasional drama. Yes, Scorpio Dogs are drama queens. When they are on top, they are usually great fun to be around and up for anything. Whether camping in the wilderness or staying in a 5-star dog hotel - a happy Scorpio will do anything. However, if things don't go so well for him, he becomes a diva and prefers to stay in his basket, insulted, until he has been given enough love and attention. When it comes to training him, he needs people who spend a lot of time with him.

He needs a consistent upbringing, which must not overstrain him. The Scorpio wants to please his owner, but because he is so sensitive to sounds, smells and moods, everyday life and training often stress him more than you think. When overtaxed, he tends to behave stubbornly. With a Scorpio dog you have an entertaining, loyal and self-confident dog at your side with whom you will never be bored.

Which star sign suits the Scorpio Dog?

Scorpios should not be paired with Aries - conflict is inevitable. You get a power duo if you pair a Scorpio Dog with a Taurus Dog. The orderly and pragmatic Virgo paired with the wild, chaotic Scorpio also makes the perfect combination full of harmony and balance - this duo influences each other positively. Leo, on the other hand, can sometimes get into a real tussle with the equally dominant Scorpio - but if they get along, they can make a similarly powerful couple as with Taurus. Scorpio and Scorpio under one roof? After them, the deluge.

William Walker Tip for the Scorpion Dog

A regular daily routine with alternating phases of rest and action is ideal for the Scorpio dog. In order for the little Troublemaker to get some real rest, he needs a particularly cosy dog bed. The dog bed Wood invites you to dream and is super easy to care for. Scorpios are mostly autumn lovers who feel comfortable in warm or earthy natural tones. With the set of leash, collar, poop bag holder and treat bag in the colour Forest, you can't go wrong with the Scorpio. Scorpio-borns are very sensitive and often more sensitive to smells and sounds than other dogs. That's why ceramic bowls are much more suitable than aluminium or stainless steel ones. To match the Walk Set, William Walker also offers a super high-quality ceramic bowl in the color Forest

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