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Hunde und Sternzeichen

The Zodiac Signs of Dogs - Astrology for Pets

Many people believe in the power of astrology and use the stars as a guide, advisor and element of knowledge of human nature. The zodiac sign under which a person was born can reveal exciting details about the character, behavior and even his career. If you also know your ascendant, you can dive deep into the spiritual world of astrology. This illuminates connections between astronomical events, thus certain star constellations and earthly processes. All earthly beings can thus be included in astrology and its interpretations. Dogs, cats and other animals also have an astrological sign, not only humans. The assignment of the zodiac sign is the same as for us and is based on the date of birth. Here we want to look at the zodiac signs of our faithful four-legged companions and what they might mean. In this post, we will deal with the Virgo dog.

Which star sign has my dog?

The assignment of the zodiac sign is done just like with us humans according to the given constellation of the stars at our birth:

  • Capricorn: 22.12. - 20.01.
  • Aquarius: 21.01. - 18.02.
  • Pisces: 19.02. - 20.03.
  • Aries: 21.03. - 20.04.
  • Taurus: 21.04. - 21.05.
  • Gemini: 22.05. - 21.06.
  • Cancer: 22.06. - 22.07.
  • Leo: 23.07. - 23.08.
  • Virgo: 24.08. - 23.09.
  • Libra: 24.09. - 23.10.
  • Scorpio: 24.10. - 22.11.
  • Sagittarius: 23.11 - 21.12.

The zodiac sign Virgo in the dog

Typical for the Virgo dog is a certain awareness of hygiene and order. Of course, it is still a dog - nevertheless, certain characteristics that stand for cleanliness and order can also be seen in the four-legged. The Virgo Dog keeps his nest, his sleeping place and his home clean. He would find it most difficult among all the signs of the zodiac to make in the apartment. He prefers to do his business far away from his home. Either far back in the garden or on the walks. Typical for the Virgo dog is the long search for a suitable place for it and the frequent turning in circles before he finally does his business. When it comes to personal hygiene, the Virgo Dog is meticulous and sometimes licks and licks his fur and paws clean for hours. It is very difficult to dissuade him from this, which is why, for example, in the case of injuries or after operations, it is essential to pay attention to a lick.

Dogs with the zodiac sign Virgo are usually very attached to their routines and show themselves bitchy, anxious or overwhelmed when these are suddenly changed. Being very dutiful, he performs his duties, such as guarding the property, with great care. He shows that he loves his owners more than anything else by being loyal and trustworthy, rather than constantly demanding petting and clamoring for attention. The Virgo Dog is considered to be pragmatic and relaxed. Emotional outbursts, risk and dare are rather rare with him. Instead, you get a very reliable companion with whom you know where you stand.

Which zodiac sign suits the Virgo Dog? 

The zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini are particularly similar. They make a good team, but they do not complement each other and therefore can become an "old married couple" in the long run and, consequently, somewhat lazy and one-sided in their dealings with each other. The Virgo Dog is particularly fond of the zodiac signs Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio. These will tempt him to one or the other mischief.

William Walker Tip for the Virgo Dog

What you can do to please a Virgo dog is with regular grooming and a nice, clean sleeping area that can be washed. For this we recommend the William Walker Care Package, where you can choose the brush, depending on the coat texture. For a place to sleep, our super soft Dog Basket Cozy, with washable cover. Since the virgin dog does not like to lie on the dirty floor, it is also advisable to have a blanket ready for the visit to the restaurant. Our William Walker Dog Mat Travel Superior is not only super conveniently packaged, but also machine washable.

In our next post in the Dogstrology series, we'll be looking at the dog star sign Libra. See you very soon!

By Louisa Knoll

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Hi,,, my dogs a Virgo, same as I, he is my little rock, and being a Virgo we complement each other, He’s a little star 🌟 he’s called Smarty and is very Smart. Intelligent, good natured, loves everyone, want to please all the time, is hurt if he gets told off, A clean dog, loves kids, cats, everyone . A lovable little man, he can be stubborn, but funny and cute. Same star sign as his owner , is a good match, he’s no trouble. P walkden.

Patrina walkden 09 enero, 2023

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