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What exactly does "dog breed" mean?

A dog breed is a specific and distinguishable breeding of a domestic dog. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) currently has about 370 different dog breeds listed and thus recognized. The cynological umbrella organization assigns the dog breeds to different groups and sections based on their appearance and nature. There are 10 FCI groups, including, among others, FCI Group 1: Herding Dogs & Cattle Dogs or FCI Group 3: Terriers.

The choice of dog breed - which dog suits me?

To deal with the different dog breeds is crucial for us humans especially when we want to get a new four-legged friend. Which dog suits me? That is the most important question when buying a dog. It does not always have to be a purebred puppy, because even in the case of mixed breeds from the shelter, the various breed combinations give us information about whether the dog will be very large, for example, or possibly has a hunting instinct. However, not only the breed and its characteristics determine the development and behavior of the four-legged friend, but also the education and socialization.

The dachshund - a charming little bullhead

William Walker Orange Napa Leather Collektion Dachshund

  • Weight: 7-9 kg
  • Height (Shoulder): 20-26 cm
  • Ø Life expectancy: 12-16 years
  • Fur colors: black/brown, chocolate / tan, brown / spotted, reddish brown, cream
  • Breed assignment: FCI Group 4 - Dachshund

History and origin of the dachshund

After the German Shepherd, which even bears its origin in its name, the Dachshund is the most German of all dogs. This is true both for its origin, it has been bred in Germany since about 1840, and for its popularity. Everybody in our country likes him, the dachshund, the little fighter who does not need a big garden and feels comfortable even in the apartment if he gets enough outdoor time. There are three different varieties in the dachshund breed: The largest is the "dachshund" with a chest circumference over 35 cm and a weight of about nine kilos. The dwarf dachshund has a chest circumference of up to 35 centimeters and the rabbit dachshund has a maximum of 30 centimeters. The dogs are divided into three coat variations: Longhair, Roughhair and Shorthair. The Dachshund is a hunting dog and as a short-legged so-called "earth dog" its task in hunting is to penetrate the burrow of foxes and badgers and to drive them out of the burrow.

Character/Nature - a brave and self-confident dog

What qualifies the Dachshund for hunting sometimes makes its integration into the family a bit difficult. Dachshunds are courageous and possess a strong sense of self-confidence and in some situations they do not care whether they are facing a defensible deer while hunting or his mistress or master. In the badger or also fox hole the dog is a so-called " solo-hunter ". He decides in the darkness of the ground, where it goes and also with the walk he asserts here and there gladly strong-willed his head. The nature of the dachshund is friendly, he is considered an intelligent and hard-working dog.

Education - the Dachshund is not for beginners in dogs

The self-confidence of the small Dachshund is paired with an endearing cheekiness. Therefore consistent education is important from the beginning to avoid that the Dachshund is dancing on the family's nose from morning to night. When walking it is important to be able to control the Dachshund's pronounced hunting instinct. If he is not used to obeying on the word, he likes to make spontaneous excursions into the undergrowth during a walk in the forest. It is often not possible to get anywhere with a Dachshund by putting your foot down, but it is better to make him understand that good behavior is rewarded with small rewards. Dachshunds are attentive and suspicious and therefore well suited as watchdogs.

Holding - the active four-legged friend

Relax? For the dachshund something secondary, because a dachshund, even if it looks like a small lap dog, prefers to be active. Therefore he can not do anything with the couch potatoes among the people. The Dachshund loves the bustling life, likes to be on the move and also wants to be mentally challenged. It is not uncommon for him to leave some over-motivated holes in the ground in the garden or even while walking in the park, even if there is no badger around. The dachshund loves company, but sometimes endures a few hours alone at home.

Fashion Tip/Size Recommendation for the Dachshund

The dachshund can actually wear anything. Since he is active and small the collars should be made of a light and flexible material. On the usually very dark coat of the dachshund, bright colors come out especially well. As seen in our cute photo, the dachshund is wearing our Dog Collar Orange made of soft nappa leather, with color-matching Leash and Poop Bag Holder, and the orange not only lies lightly on the dachshund's dense coat, but radiates a particularly beautiful warm aura on black and brown. We recommend for the dachshund, with an average neck circumference of 30-40 cm, size S. To play in the park, there is next to our Nappa Leather Set also the matching play bone in bright orange and many other summery colors in our William Walker Play Collection!

By Louisa Knoll

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