Inside Animal Dreamland - What and how do dogs dream?

Why you should not wake sleeping dogs? Exactly! Because you might just tear them out of their most beautiful dreams, because in fact dogs dream too! Scientists have been able to prove on the basis of numerous studies that dogs dream in the exact same way as we humans do. The brain waves of our faithful companions show very similar patterns during dreaming as those of humans. Once our four-legged friends have reached the deep sleep phase, the so-called REM phase, they give free rein to their mental cinema, engage in wild chases, and chew on the fattest bones.

What Meaning the Sleep Behavior of my Dog can have

Your dog is sleeping and moving his legs? He's probably chasing a rabbit or digging up a mole. Is he growling? Maybe he's just stopping a robber. Or have you ever observed your dog smacking his lips with pleasure? Then his heaven in dreamland is probably full of sausages right now. Dogs process the events of the day in their dreams just like us, peppered with a little drama - everything is a little louder, flashier, and sometimes just more adventurous! According to researchers at Harvard University, owners have a permanent place in the dreamland of their pets, and usually play the leading role in the animal's fantasies.

The Dream Phase of a Four-Legged

The first dream phase begins for dogs about 20 minutes after they have fallen asleep. It can be recognized by the fact that your pelt-nose breathes more shallowly and a little more irregularly. Dogs have up to 20 deep sleep phases per night, which means about 20 dreams - quite exhausting! But not every dog dreams the same, animal psychologists have found out. Small dogs dream more often than their larger colleagues. Puppies, for example, fantasize intensively about their mothers - not as loving producers, but rather as providers. The little ones often produce smacking noises, as if they were sucking milk from their mother's teats.

Do all Dogs dream the same?

The breed is also a deciding factor for the adventures in the land of milk and honey. For example, a pointer dreams of hunting wild pigs, while a lively cocker spaniel tracks down a bird and a golden retriever imagines a cool swim in the lake. Your dog is crying and howling, and you fear he's having a nightmare and want to put him out of his misery? Don't worry - just like for us humans, bad dreams are important for four-legged friends to process bad experiences. And as we said: Do not wake a sleeping dog.

Restful Sleep is the Key for healthy Dogs

To make your dreaming pelt's sleep as restful and deep as possible, he should be really comfortable, because a good dog bed is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of your dog. With our soft baskets, loops and blankets from our William Walker Sleep Collection your dog will be chilling on cloud nine all day every day and not only in his dreams!

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