Dogstrology - Zodiac signs of the dogs - the Libra dog

Many people believe in the power of astrology and use the stars as a guide, advisor and element of knowledge of human nature. The zodiac sign under which a person was born can reveal exciting details about the character, behavior and even his career. If you also know your ascendant, you can dive deep into the spiritual world of astrology. This illuminates connections between astronomical events, thus certain star constellations and earthly processes. All earthly beings can thus be included in astrology and its interpretations. Dogs, cats and other animals also have an astrological sign, not only humans. The assignment of the zodiac sign is the same as for us and is based on the date of birth. Here we want to look at the zodiac signs of our faithful four-legged companions and what they might mean. In this post, we will deal with the Virgo dog.

Which star sign has my dog?

The assignment of the zodiac sign is done just like with us humans according to the given constellation of the stars at our birth:

  • Capricorn: 22.12. - 20.01.
  • Aquarius: 21.01. - 18.02.
  • Pisces: 19.02. - 20.03.
  • Aries: 21.03. - 20.04.
  • Taurus: 21.04. - 21.05.
  • Gemini: 22.05. - 21.06.
  • Cancer: 22.06. - 22.07.
  • Leo: 23.07. - 23.08.
  • Virgo: 24.08. - 23.09.
  • Libra: 24.09. - 23.10.
  • Scorpio: 24.10. - 22.11.
  • Sagittarius: 23.11 - 21.12.

The zodiac sign Libra in the dog

As the name suggests, people and also dogs with the zodiac sign Libra are much about weighing decisions, balance and finding the right middle ground. Dogs born as Libra think wisely and prudently whether the effort is really worth it for the expected return. Thus, it may happen that the Libra dog forgoes the walk in the rain, or performs tricks only when the treat is already visibly ready. They like it harmonious and unexcited, the Libra-Dogs - they are rarely drawn to extremes. Injustice, stress and an unbalanced relationship between rest and exercise are like poison for them. Even if they always seem very calm and settled, a quadruped born as a Libra is very sensitive and delicate. While other dogs consider it an adventure to deviate from the usual path when out for a walk, Libra's are not enthusiastic about it and it tends to unsettle and stress them out. Therefore, routine and a loving, harmonious home is very important for the Libra dog. Then he reacts more relaxed and usually stays cool, if he nevertheless gets into stressful situations. He then compensates for the excitement with an extra portion of sleep or cuddling.

Which zodiac sign suits the Libra dog

Libras get along with almost everyone. Their level-headed nature is attractive and conveys security to other dogs. For their masters / mistresses, the Libra Dog are very loyal companions. An encounter with the zodiac sign Gemini or another Libra is particularly harmonious. Also with the zodiac sign Sagittarius Libra Dogs can drop well and live out their playful side full of ease.

William Walker Tip for the Libra Dog

The best way to inspire a Libra dog is with...? That's right, routine and balance. Therefore, for example, sleeping places that can be easily cleaned are suitable, so that the four-legged friend has something of it for a long time. The best are unexciting colors such as light gray or beige. Our William Walker Dog Bed Sand exudes a sense of calm and harmony with its light, friendly hue - ideal for a restful dog sleep and the needs of the Libra dog. As a playful balance, we recommend the color-coordinated leather bone Sand, which impresses with its endurance and stylish design.

In our next post from the Dogstrology series, we will deal with the particularly intense and passionate dog zodiac sign, Scorpio. See you very soon.


By Louisa Knoll

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