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William Walkers Dog Medicine Cabinet

 And suddenly it happened. It's Saturday night and the dog has suffered a minor injury. The vet is closed and your dog's ailment is not so acute that the emergency clinic must be visited. For situations like this, which every dog owner is likely to run into at some point, it's always good to have a first aid kit or small dog medicine cabinet handy at home. Even in emergencies, where every second counts, immediate help can be provided with some medicines. This way, in an emergency, the vet can already initiate treatment over the phone. We from William Walker want to call you today our top 3 products, which must not be missing next to the classics such as painkillers and bandages in your dog medicine cabinet in any case.

Sauerkraut - the natural aid for the dog's stomach

Sauerkraut is a typical German classic that cannot be missing as a side dish in regional cuisines. It is considered very healthy and as a home remedy sauerkraut is known for its laxative effect. But this delicious wonder herb can do even more. It is cheap, easy to obtain and is considered an ideal dog home remedy for ingested items. The fine fibers can wrap themselves around swallowed objects in the stomach and intestines of the four-legged friend, such as pieces of bone, seeds or even poison bait with razor blades or nails in it. Like a coat, the sauerkraut envelops the sharp-edged objects and quickly carries them out of the dog's body. Since the dog cannot digest parts of the sauerkraut, the wrapped objects also come out undigested. Thus, for example, the decomposition and thus the release of the toxic hydrocyanic acid contained in stone fruit seeds can be avoided.

Active charcoal tablets - essential for intoxication of dogs

Coal tablets are indispensable from the dog medicine cabinet. In cases of poisoning, they can save the life of your four-legged friend. Should your protégé have eaten something from the bushes in the park or at home poisonous food such as chocolate, the vet should be informed immediately. In most cases, he already gives the instruction to administer the black tablets to the quadruped. In this way, the poison can be absorbed in the dog's stomach before it enters the bloodstream - every second counts. The correct dosage is also decisive for the success of the activated charcoal. Here, the rule of thumb is 1g of charcoal per 1 kg of body weight.

Rectodelt for the dog - in an emergency for allergic reactions

In case of allergic reactions, for example to bee or wasp stings, it is important not to lose time. Many veterinarians therefore recommend having the emergency medication Rectodelt ready in the dog's medicine cabinet. It is a fast-acting cortisone and is very easy to administer in suppository form. However, it should only be administered in absolute emergencies and in the best case on the instructions of the veterinarian.

Tip: If you want to create an extensive dog medicine cabinet for all cases, you should talk to the vet beforehand. Together, the drugs can then already be portioned in the right dose for your dog, so that you lose even less time in an emergency. Also think of accessories, such as tweezers, a muzzle or a fever thermometer.


By Louisa Knoll

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