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What exactly does "dog breed" mean?

A dog breed is a specific and distinguishable breeding of a domestic dog. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) currently has about 370 different dog breeds listed and thus recognized. The cynological umbrella organization assigns the dog breeds to different groups and sections based on their appearance and nature. There are 10 FCI groups, including, among others, FCI Group 1: Herding Dogs & Cattle Dogs or FCI Group 3: Terriers.

The choice of dog breed - which dog suits me?

To deal with the different dog breeds is crucial for us humans especially when we want to get a new four-legged friend. Which dog suits me? That is the most important question when buying a dog. It does not always have to be a purebred puppy, because even in the case of mixed breeds from the shelter, the various breed combinations give us information about whether the dog will be very large, for example, or possibly has a hunting instinct. However, not only the breed and its characteristics determine the development and behavior of the four-legged friend, but also the education and socialization.

The greyhound likes it quiet sometimes and is not a typical family dog

William Walker Windhunde Greyhounds

  • Weight: 18 - 27 kg
  • Height (Shoulder): 50 - 74 cm
  • Ø Life expectancy: 11-15 years
  • Fur colors: different combinations black-brown-beige are possible
  • Breed assignment: FCI Group 10 - Longhaired, Wirehaired and Shorthaired Greyhounds

History and origin of the greyhound - the greyhound is a hunting dog

Greyhounds have a long history. The oldest images of greyhounds can already be seen in ancient Egyptian depictions from the 4th millennium BC. Even then, the slender, high-legged animals were used as hunting dogs. In the Middle Ages, only the nobility was allowed to own the noble greyhounds. Greyhounds include almost 20 different breeds from the Afghan Hound to the Italian Greyhound, the Scottish Deerhound to the Greyhound and the Wippet. They may differ in shoulder height, but all are skinny, fast runners and full of energy. The fastest greyhound is the Greyhound, which reaches a speed of 70-80 km/h, almost as fast as a cheetah, who is the top racer on the planet.

Character / Nature of the greyhound - full of energy and sometimes independent

Sighthounds, regardless of breed, are considered energetic, independent and self-reliant hunting dogs. They do not hunt by scent, but on sight, and should rush the game independently. This freedom of choice, which has been passed down through many generations, can however lead to a sighthound not necessarily obeying to the word, even in everyday family life. A greyhound is considered proud, quiet and usually very shy towards strangers. He is nevertheless people-oriented and affectionate and enjoys the attention of his family. He can develop very strong protective instincts. However, he also likes to retreat - especially after long tours - to recover from a strenuous hunt like his ancestors used to do. Thus, he is not a typical dog for families with small children.

The education of the stubborn greyhound

When hunting, the greyhound has - as said - a completely different task than, for example, retrieving shot game from the thickest thicket. A greyhound is supposed to retrieve and place healthy game, from hare and fox to deer or stag, while running, until the hunter shoots it or "intercepts" it, which is the friendly euphemism for death by hunting knife. As stated earlier, the independent nature of hunting has become ingrained in the genes, which can sometimes make a greyhound a stubborn family member. For many people, this is actually the attraction of acquiring such a dog. The otherwise very loving dogs therefore need a consistent education. For the education of a greyhound one needs a lot of empathy and should be aware of the history of the greyhound. With a lot of patience, perseverance and heart, the education of the stubborn four-legged friends succeeds. Greyhounds want to please their owners and learn faster and with fun when they feel loved and appreciated.

Holding - a greyhound needs exercise

Each of the many greyhound breeds has its own characteristics and thus also demands. The skinny fur noses need more attention than other dogs and proper exercise. However, they prefer several short tours through woods and meadows rather than a long day trip. Greyhounds can develop into loners, so it is important to get them used to other dogs as puppies, which makes socialization easier. Greyhounds are generally considered to be very hardy, but as with any pedigree dog, care should be taken to ensure that they have been seriously bred before buying to reduce hereditary diseases.

Fashion Tip/Size Recommendation for the Greyhound

The greyhound looks particularly classy due to its slender, elegant stature. Collars and leashes should therefore not be too coarse and ergonomically shaped, so that the pull can be evenly distributed on the narrow neck of the greyhound. The wearing comfort is enormously increased by light and inwardly padded materials, because the sighthound has little fur or fat to provide cushioning. With all this in mind, we at William Walker have designed our new Greyhound Collection. This one comes in Forest, Ocean and Sand colors and not only fits their majestic statue perfectly, but also looks timelessly beautiful. Depending on your taste, you can choose smooth leather collars with gold or silver applications. To complete the look, our different colored greyhound collars each come with matching Leashes, Poop Bag Holders, Treat Bags and even Leather Play Bones.


By Louisa Knoll

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