An affair of the heart - How to strengthen the heart of my senior dog

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It is much more than just a heart-shaped collection of vessels and muscle tissue. The heart is an ingenious construction. Via a network of arteries, veins and the finest capillaries, this muscle pumps blood through the circulatory system every day, supplying organs, tissue and cells with oxygen and nutrients - in dogs just as it does in us humans. The heart of our faithful pelt-noses beats about 60 times per minute. If you add up the pumping capacity you actually get 31,536,000 beats a year. The heart of smaller dogs works even twice as fast. In an average dog's life this adds up to more than 300 to 600 million heartbeats.

Heart disease in dogs - How to strengthen your dog's heart

In order for our companions to follow their primal instinct - run, run, run - they need a strong heart. But scientific research has shown that nearly one in 10 dogs suffers from heart disease. Especially after the age of five the dog's heart begins to weaken. Small and medium-sized dog breeds, such as pinschers, terriers, poodles and dachshunds, become ill more often. Signs may include shortness of breath, fatigue and coughing after joy or excitement. Also, if your older dog doesn't feel like going for a walk, it may indicate heart failure. Of course, if your dog shows these signs, the first thing he should do is get medical treatment. The veterinarian has a number of effective and well-tolerated medications at his disposal to strengthen and relieve the weakening dog's heart. Mostly ACE inhibitors, diuretics or beta blockers are used. But you can also do something yourself to ensure that your four-legged favorite's heart continues to beat powerfully for a long time to come and all this using very gentle remedies.

Nutritional supplement hawthorn

Hawthorn (Crataegus) is known for its heart-strengthening effect due to the flavonoids and procyanidins it contains. Thus extracts of the medicinal plant can, among other things, increase the contractility and stroke volume of the heart and improve blood flow to the heart muscle. Basically means that the dog's heart can do its job with less effort.

Exercise is good for your furry nose

Exercise is extremely important for your dog with a weak heart. However, the walk round should not degenerate into a marathon. Shorter and more frequent is now the motto to keep your dog fit. In summer it's best to postpone your walk to the morning and evening hours. So it will not be too hot for your sweetheart and there is no threat of overexertion.

Health checks of your four-legged friend

Regular checkups with the vet are a must for furry heart patients. This is the only way the vet can diagnose how your sweetheart is doing and whether the condition is steady or, in the worst case, even progressing.

A balanced and healthy diet is good for our dogs

The diet of your four-legged friend is especially important now, because every pound more on the dog ribs prepares the heart additional work. You don't have to give up treats completely, but reducing the amount and keeping an eye on your dog's weight would be a good idea. By the way, there is also dog food that is easy on the heart. It's usually low in sodium and contains highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids. They are said to have a protective effect on the heart. Ask your veterinarian what belongs now best in the bowl, so that the heart of your faithful partner beats if possible a whole eternity.

William Walker's Premium Oils for a balanced dog diet

With our William Walker oils you can make sure your dog gets enough omega-3 & 6 fatty acids while he's still young. These are especially important for the heart and functions like blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate and overall metabolism. In general, these natural supplements strengthen your four-legged friend's cardiovascular system, even in senior dogs, in addition to providing strong bones, shiny coat and tough dog skin to keep your four-legged friend well around the clock!

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We hope we could help you with this post and wish you and your four-legged friends a great and long time together! Stay healthy!


By William Walker

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