William Walkers Photo of the Month #6

William Walker Midnight Dog Leather Leash and Collar

Just 8 months old and already the peace itself. Our beautiful Aiwa earned this month's William Walker's Photo of the Month award with an incomparable elegance. Here in the beautiful Hamburg near the Alster the little Labrador lets the sun shine on her fur and enjoyed a trip into the cool water. But before she went into the water she showed us that Midnight is by no means a color for the winter, but comes out wonderfully in the summer and the sun's rays bring out the beautiful dark blue even more. Our Midnight collection features 3 different variations of Leashes and the matching Collar and Poop Bag Holder!

Timeless design for every season and every four-legged friend

With the Suede Collection William Walker has designed a timelessly beautiful collection. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall - color-wise there is something for every fur nose and also masters and mistresses do not come up short at William Walker. Whether strikingly beautiful Poop Bag Holder or stylish Treat Bags, these high-quality accessories are not only practical but look just gorgeous with any outfit and make you the perfect match for the walks of the summer. So every walk is guaranteed to be the highlight of the day!

Summer getaway with your dog

Whether it's on the beach, in the mountains or in the neighboring meadow for a picnic, we at William Walker have just the right companion for your four-legged friend. Is the sand too hot, the ground too rocky or do you just want to make your four-legged friend as comfortable as possible? With our Dog Blanket Dive you are optimally equipped for every case and excursion. The blanket is available in two different sizes and can be quickly stowed in your daypack or beach bag. So your dog can enjoy the trip to the maximum and comes fully at his expense. And if you like it even cozier and more mobile, take a look at our Travel Mat Superior!

Your dog could be the next big winner! Love to send us photos of your pets, whether in the comments section, on Instagram or via email. We are looking forward to your photos!


By William Walker

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