William Walker's Top 5 Dog Beaches at North Sea and Baltic Sea

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Summer is in the city and what does your four-legged friend do? He sweats and sweats. Just like us. But while we can cool off under a cold shower and recharge our energy stores our furry friends have few options to escape the heat. Especially if they live in the city. So let's give them the greatest pleasure and turn the longed-for summer into pure happiness for them, too. With what? With a trip to the beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. And to make sure that this goes off without a hitch and that we don't constantly get nasty looks from other beachgoers, there are plenty of dog beaches. There our faithful companions can dig in the sand with full commitment, romp around with vacation acquaintances and plunge into the floods. The dog beaches are mostly equipped with beach chairs and toilets for the human companions, as well as poop bags and fresh water for our darlings. We present you with our top 5 dog beaches where your sweaty friend can celebrate his doggy life to the fullest.

Dog beach Amrum

Digging your nose into the sand on the finest white beach, then throwing yourself into the waves and paddling after a stick - can dog life be any better? Amrum and dogs are program - the small island is unique because of its Kniepsand, the 15 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide sandbank. Amrum thus has one of the largest beaches in Europe. Therefore, the small island in the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea has also set up several dog beaches for their four-legged visitors. The most beautiful, because mostly totally empty, is in the district of Nebel. You can find it north of the place where the street Strunwai ends at the beach. But also on the two other dog beaches in Norddorf (at the surf and sailing school Amrum) and Wittdün (height of the street Obere Wandelbahn) the dog freedom is boundless! By the way, the way to the water can sometimes be long in Amrum, because it leads through dunes. Perfect for an extended walk before it goes into the refreshing water! However, there is a leash requirement on Amrum - except for the dog beaches, of course. And you should take it seriously, because many birds and rabbits live in the dunes.

Dog beach St. Peter-Ording

In St. Peter-Ording five dog beaches and two exercise areas are waiting to be conquered by dog paws. Because thanks to the long, wide beaches, there is enough space for everyone - children, water sports enthusiasts, tourists, locals and even four-legged friends! The dog beach in the Bad district (beach area E) is bordered by a large free-running area, where your darling can romp around after a refreshing game in the waves and shake his wet fur dry - all without a leash. The second free-running area is located at the Ording-Nord nudist beach. There are other dog beaches in Böhl (beach section D, near the Böhl lighthouse), Dorf (in front of the dike of the St. Peter-Dorf district) and near the large main beach of Ording in beach section J.

Dog beach Sylt

Naturally dogs are also welcome on the favorite island of the Germans, on the Norsee beauty Sylt, and can hunt there exuberantly and, quite clearly, without a leash over the beaches. Completely in the north of Westerland lies with the number 4.11 the dog beach north. It can be reached by a stairway up to the sandy path. The sandy dog paradise Dikjen Deel is located further south, at the youth hostel of the same name. Access is possible from the youth hostel without stairs via a sand path. Baakdeel is the name of the dog beach in Rantum. Until your companion can stick his nose in the sand, a great, but leashed walk through the dunes of the nature reserve Baakdeel. Maybe your dog will discover a new love: horses. On the beach is namely also riding allowed.

Dog beach Grömitz

A really great Baltic Sea address for summer four-legged happiness is the dog beach in Grömitz. Here, in the Lübeck Bay, dog may really be dog. And you also get your money's worth. Because while you stroll leisurely to the dog paradise at the northern end of the beach, your path leads you along the beach promenade past many restaurants and cafes. The operators are usually very dog-friendly and attuned to their four-legged guests. So you can already snack a little or refresh yourself with a cool drink. The dog beach is 1.7 kilometers long, clean and promises pure dog happiness. You too can chill out here in complete relaxation. Because beach chairs are available for dog owners, with the allocation of the size of the dogs is taken into account. So small and larger dogs automatically do not even get in the way, unless they want that.

Dog beach Kühlungsborn

The largest seaside resort in Mecklenburg has a big heart for dogs and offers its four-legged guests three beach sections with fine white sand for unadulterated swimming and digging fun. The sections are distributed over the entire Baltic seaside resort: the first beach is located in Kühlungsborn East at beach access 1, the middle one at beach section 14 and the third one in the west of the resort at beach section 26. Enough of sand and water? Then a walk through the 133-hectare city forest rounds off the excursion. Incidentally, the town owes its nickname "Green City by the Sea" to him.

Tip: Our collars and leashes made of paracord in the color Hanseatic and Royal are perfect for swimming trips. They can be cleaned namely wonderful in the machine at 30 degrees. Here we explain to you how you wash them best.

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