Office Dog Part 1

Hund im Büro

Going to work with laptop, briefcase and your dog - A dream for many. Especially if you are single, the dog often sits alone at home, unoccupied and bored. Of course, this is not a permanent solution, so here you will learn how to turn your dog into an office dog.

Dogs in the office - is that allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed at work. But if you are not the boss yourself, you have to ask him for permission, there is no way to avoid that.

But even if the boss allows the dog in the office, it is indispensable to find out beforehand from colleagues whether someone has a dog allergy or fear of dogs. Both are unfortunately a criterion for exclusion.

The Office

The office must also be suitable for dogs. The most important requirement is first of all the structure: For example, no office with many stairs is suitable for a dachshund. In addition, there must be suitable opportunities for exercise during breaks nearby. A park in the neighborhood would be perfect.

There must also be enough space in the office so that the dog has its own place of retreat. For this purpose is suitable for example our Dog pillow Chill or the Blanket Dive. With the Dog Mat Travel the retreat for the dog is even easy to transport.

The dog place should not be in the draught or in a passage, where he constantly runs the risk of being overrun. A dog crate is also gladly taken, as it offers a lot of protection and can also be closed if the dog has to stay in place.

What should an office dog be able to do?

Of course, a dog in the workplace only works if it doesn't cause any trouble and doesn't disrupt operational processes. No one is helped by having a rowdy dog in the office. So the first requirement is that the four-legged friend must no longer be a puppy. Puppies are often difficult to control, very playful, impatient and may find everyday office life stressful.

But even with an older dog, impeccable social behavior is a basic requirement. The dog must be absolutely harmless and relaxed in dealing with people. He must not be upset by ringing telephones or keyboard noises. Ideally, he has attended a dog school and listens perfectly to the commands "sit", "down" and "stay". Likewise, he must be able to remain quiet for a long period of time.

Arguments for an office dog

In case the boss and colleagues are not yet enthusiastic, we have collected a few convincing arguments here:

  • Dogs have been proven to improve the working atmosphere and even bring a smile to employees' faces in stressful situations
  • Animal love in the workplace is good for corporate image, but also for employer branding Studies show that dogs can reduce the risk of burnout as well as heart attacks and strokes
  • Better well-being of employees reduces the number of sick days and the associated costs for the boss.
  • The boss never gives up control! If it does not work, then at least it was worth a try. Permission can be withdrawn at any time.

We sincerely hope that soon your dog will become an office dog too! Feel free to write in the comments what you think about the topic of dogs in the office.

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