Office Dog Part 2 - The Funniest Office Dog Stories by William Walker Crew-Dog El Carlos #wwmoments

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In our last blogpost “Office Dog Part 1” we told you what it actually takes to become a real office dog. If the basic conditions such as permission from the boss and allergy-free employees are given, any four-legged friend can actually become an exemplary office dog. Again, practice makes perfect. Patience, forbearance and humor are just as important as targeted training and routine. After all, it's not perfection that writes the best and funniest stories in life, but chaos. That's why today we're telling you our funniest #wwmoments from the everyday office life of the William Walker crew dog and tried-and-tested office dog El Carlos.

Rotten eggs in the office

Before El Carlos started his model and office dog job at William Walker, the Continental Bulldog male was already dragged by me at the age of 4 months to the office of a logistics company in Hamburg. I was responsible for the reception and a lot of paperwork. As it is with puppies, the digestive tract of the young dogs still has to develop a little. Until today it is not quite clear what the actual reason was. Was it possibly the excitement or the carrot, which the nice colleague from the table opposite had given him? And how do you say it now, suddenly there was something in the air. After about an hour, the fresh air in the open-plan office had turned into an incubator smelling of rotten eggs, sulfur and diapers. El Carlos had such bad flatulence, or as the veterinarian would put it, "flatulence," that the 15 employees had to be relocated from the first floor to other office and conference rooms until the air could be restored to its original, human-tolerable state via a draft and room spray. Mrs. Schubert, the accountant, swears to this day that the smell had settled in the carpet and was still perceptible for at least 5 days. El Carlos was given the rest of the day "off" and I was fortunately able to place him with very animal-loving and odor-tolerant friends. Even though the air in the office was thick for a short time, the dear colleagues soon gave the new office dog another chance and this time everything worked out like clockwork. For a long time there were no more bad or smelly mishaps.

Who is sleeping here?

But what a nerd El Carlos would have been if it had remained with this little faux pas. After all, bulldogs are known for their funny nature. It actually took a year and a half until El Carlos gave us the next story to laugh about. He was still working twice a week as an office dog in the logistics industry, but by now he was moving like a professional model in front of the William Walker team's camera. He was definitely a busy young dog. The shipping office was due for a change of general manager, and the new boss gave a speech to the entire staff when he was appointed. El Carlos was so relaxed by now that he slept right through the speech - sound asleep. When the speaker kept faltering, everyone wondered and no one understood his hesitation. After interrupting the speech for the tenth time and looking around the room as if searching for something, he finally said, "Say, how outrageous, who's been sleeping here all this time?" Only now did the staff, who by now had become so accustomed to El Carlos, realize what he meant. The young male was lying on his back under the desk, snoring at a volume as if he were sawing off half the rainforest. Embarrassed and somewhat flushed, I explained that my dog was a very deep and noisy sleeper. El Carlos punctuated my statement with a loud smacking noise and a throaty snore. The whole office erupted in uproarious laughter - the new boss included. This somewhat embarrassing situation had ultimately turned into a super icebreaker and the mood was now much more cheerful and relaxed. Half an hour later, I too had finally returned to my normal, less tomato-y complexion.

Have you experienced any funny office dog stories? Tell us about them in the comments.


By Louisa Knoll

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