Our Photo of the month in June is from @wilde.wilma and her owner Paula. They sent us this great shot of their walk and impressed us with their cute partner look.

June 2020 already brought temperatures above 30 degrees. Temperatures that can be very exhausting, for the beloved four-legged friend and for the human being. With this outfit even the warmest time of the year is no problem for Paula. With her airy midi dress and Birkenstock sandals, she not only looks chic, but is also perfectly prepared for the hot days.

Even on the catwalks of major brands such as Dior, Chloé and Celine, you can see the country house style that satisfies the need for peace and quiet in order to emerge stronger from the Corona crisis. The current summer trend stands for timeless elegance and a welcome change from current happenings. Many Maxi and Midi dresses in high quality and natural materials such as cotton and linen give comfort and ensure cosiness. Prints should not be missing: dotted, striped and those that take a trip into floral and maritime worlds.

But not only Paula looks great, also her three year old Vizsla/Weimaraner bitch Wilma. She wears our Set Lambrusco in the colour Bordeaux. Bordeaux, or wine red, is a very expressive colour that is sensual but not too obtrusive. It keeps the balance between impulsiveness and casualness, promises quality, but at the same time appears warm and cosy. The beauty of Bordeaux is also its simplicity, it is subtle but never boring. Probably for this reason the Lambrusco Set made of velour and nappa leather counts to our most popular dog collars and leashes.

„The Lord is like his rattle". There is some truth about this old german saying. Many a dog owner looks amazingly similar to his or her beloved. Also Wilma and Paula make a great couple. Their similarities are underlined by the colour-coordinated casual sandals of Paula and Wilma's collar/leash. A trend that will probably never be out of fashion.

Thanks to Paula and Wilma for this beautiful picture, it has deservedly become our Photo of the Month! What do you think about Partnerlook of dog and owner? Top or Flop? Tell us in the comments, we are curious!



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