Tips for a well balanced dog

We all tend to get bored being in the same routine day in, day out. Your dog may feel the same way if you're not careful. Boredom is stress for your four-legged friend. Especially young and energetic dogs suffer from this when they are neither physically nor mentally challenged. There are some signs that can indicate boredom:

- Constant barking

- Aggressiveness

- Lack of interest

- Destruction of objects

- Extreme nibbling / licking of parts of the body (check with the vet whether this is due to illness)

The question, which occupation your fur nose needs, so that boredom does not become a permanent condition, cannot be answered uniformly, since each dog has different needs and thereby also the dog breed plays an important role. For example, herding dogs need a real task and a lot of training and Chihuahuas are satisfied with less action.

However, it is always a good idea to give the dog enough exercise to avoid boredom. That means a lot of long walks and romping around. The walks should be part of the daily routine and not only half an hour per day. The dog wants to sniff, run, discover new smells and play with other dogs. Afterwards your dog will surely be too exhausted to cause you problems.

The dog also wants to be challenged mentally. A walk can be spiced up, for example by hiding and letting the dog look for you. Or you can hide a food bag with treats, which the dog is supposed to search and retrieve. Exercises during a walk also challenge the dog: sit, sit, stay, stop, etc.

Whether rain or shine, your dog relies on you as a training partner. During the summer months this is not a problem, but in winter the comfort of staying at home is very tempting. On grey, rainy days, indoor activities are therefore a good idea. Toys that are specially designed to stimulate your dog's mind and reward it afterwards keep your dog mentally on his toes. As well as teaching new tricks and creating challenges.

The good thing about it: If the dog moves mentally and physically, its owner must do the same. The dog's activity has a positive effect on both sides.

In this sense, the William Walker Team wishes you and your dog an active life. If you also have a useful tip for a balanced dog, please feel free to write it in the comments, we are curious!



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