Photo of the month #09

Our Photo of the month in September comes from Ronja and her bitch Akira (@akira_toller). Together they make a lovely couple in an autumnal look.

Slowly we have to get used to autumn leaves and cold temperatures and say goodbye to summer. But the cooler months also have something beautiful: cosy evenings with tea and books, wrapped up warmly, walking through the forest with our beloved four-legged friend... wonderful! Ronja doesn't have to freeze despite sinking temperatures, thanks to her cuddly teddy coat. Most of the time, trendy items only last for one season - but not the teddy coat! It has long since proven to be a lasting autumn trend. No wonder, the cuddly coat is super comfortable and still totally stylish!

She has combined comfortable sneakers, jeans and a light turtleneck sweater. Fluffy knitted pieces with a feel-good guarantee, like this sweater, are an absolute must-have. This season, coarsely knitted models are also in fashion, made of fluffy wool like mohair. With colors such as cream, brown, red and orange, this year you'll be at the forefront. The same applies to the dog, of course. Akira scores with her classic brown makassar set, which goes wonderfully with her reddish coat.

Thanks to Ronja and Akira for this beautiful photo! Do you like it as much as we do? Just write it in the comments.

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