Animal actors - the dogs behind the big roles

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and the forest is slowly but surely changing from rich green to warm tones. September 22 was the beginning of autumn! Summer lovers are still enjoying the last rays of sunshine, while the autumn children are already stocking up on tea and firewood. Also for our dogs the cooler season is a real blessing. Because what could be better than romping around in the autumn leaves and then chilling out on the sofa with their owners - pure coziness. And when the daily snuggle time begins, dog lovers can dive into a world of animal entertainment online or on TV. Want some film tips? William Walker's five favorite dog movies can be found here. Whether family dog, action hero, or murder investigator on four legs - Hollywood becomes Hollywuff. Dogs have become an integral part of the film industry and often have more acting talent than some of their highly paid, two-legged colleagues.

What often looks easy is the result of years of training and preparation. If the dog masters its tricks and commands, half the work is already done. On the film set, new challenges come to the animal actors through distractions, strange smells and loud noises. With a little practice and lots of treats, the film dogs master long and exhausting shooting days. Always with them - dog trainers and caretakers. Today we want to look behind the scenes of the dog movie classics and introduce you to the dogs behind the big roles.

1. Harry Potter - Fang

There is always something magical about autumn, isn't there? It's the perfect time for a little trip to Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At the foot of the castle, right at the edge of the forbidden forest, lives Hagrid with his big black saurian Fang. Harry, Ron and Hermione are always very happy about the visit. The role of Fang was cast several times in the Harry Potter saga. Among other things a Neapolitan mastiff named Bully got the role of the drooling, gentle giant. A job that changed his life. The animal trainer and main person responsible for the animal actors in the magic films, Gary Gero, found Bully neglected in a scrap yard. He gave him not only the role of a lifetime, but a new home.

2. Inspector Rex

At the famous Austrian crime series, one of the most famous dogs is definitely not to be missed - the German shepherd dog Rex. But also the role of the police dog Rex was shared by several dogs over the years. No surprise with 18 seasons of animal entertainment. The first actor of Rex was the shepherd dog named "BJ". Peter Hajek, creator of the film character Inspector Rex, described him as an absolute film diva - because BJ loved to shoot and be the center of attention. So much so that he still wanted to accompany his successor "Rhett" to the film set, although he should have enjoyed his retirement at home at the age of nine. The film biz apparently did BJ a lot of good, he turned 15 years old. A biblical age for a big dog.

3. Lassie – Come Home

Lassie's emotional stories moved people around the world to tears in front of the screens. In 1943 the first film with the beautiful longhaired Collie bitch came out and was continued by many, no less successful films and series. Lassie became so famous that every actor's dream came true for her - a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This makes her only one of three dogs in history to receive this honor. In fact, the role of the intelligent dog lady was almost always played by male actors, as they usually had a more stately figure than the female applicants. The first actor to embody Lassie was a male dog named Pal. He sired a number of offspring, who continued to embody the fictional character Lassie, which he played. The role thus remained in the family for a long time.

We at William Walker love the many animal actors and hope that in the future there will be even more films with four-legged friends - of course, only if the well-being of the dogs is also the first priority on the film set. Have we forgotten who, who are your dog acting idols?

By Louisa Knoll

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Wie süß, hab mich schon immer gefragt, wie das so mit den filmhunden ist!

Judith 13 octubre, 2020

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