Famous dogs - The furry friends of Superman & co.

Stars and celebrities are ordinary people as well. No matter if show-biz or politics, when it comes to animals, our famous idols are not that different from us. Just like us, they fall in love with hairy four-legged friends unconditionally and irrevocably every now and then. Today we would like to introduce you to our favourite celebrity dogs. 

Reese Witherspoon is "obsessed with bulldogs" 

Oscar-winner and acting icon Reese Witherspoons motto is probably: "All good things come in threes. She not only has three enchanting children, but is also a mother of three dogs. As she revealed on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, she has a very special weakness for bulldogs. No wonder she gave a home to two flat-nosed bulldogs besides the Labrador Hank. French Bulldog Pepper is the youngest member of the Witherspoon family. We at William Walker have fallen particularly in love with her English Bulldog Lou and are blown away by those bright blue eyes. On Instagram the actress regularly shares pictures of her animal companions and you can quickly see that her love of stylish outfits doesn't stop at her dogs. Thumbs up for her love of dogs and her taste for dog fashion. 

Superman's best friend Kal-El 

In 2013 Henry Cavill was worldwide seen in the role of Clark Kent aka Superman. A role that really suits the handsome actor. In keeping with his stately appearance, Cavill has chosen an equally strong guy as a loyal companion: a Japanese Akita male who bears Superman's birth name: Kal-El. Henry Cavill, however, usually calls him "Bear" very affectionately. While the The-Witcher actor travels from film set to film set, his four-legged friend is always at his side - as a trained therapy dog he is even allowed on the plane. Who needs a girlfriend when you have a partner on four paws? Henry Cavill probably thought the same and on Valentine's Day he preferred to post a picture of his cute furry nose. 

Dogs in the White House - Bo and Sunny Obama 

In 2008 Barack Obama promised his daughters that they would get a dog if he was elected President of the United States of America. He kept his promise and in 2009 the Portuguese water dog, Bo, moved in with the Obamas. Four years later the male dog got a companion of the same breed, her name is Sunny. At the time of the Obama presidency, the playful four-legged friends could move freely and really let off steam on the approximately 17,000 square meters of the white house's property. The fluffy water dogs were not disturbed by the many employees, visitors and tourists. We from William Walker were ourselves in Washington D.C. a few years ago and could personally inspect Bo and Sunny through the fence - Yes! They are absolutely adorable and easy to cuddle.

Offspring at Klum-Kaulitz 

The relationship between Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz caused a lot of speculation from the beginning. Especially rumours about possible offspring have been discussed since Heidi and Tom's wedding. And indeed, there is a new family member in the Klum-Kaulitz family. His name is Anton, he walks on four legs and is huge. The Irish Wolfhound is actually still a puppy, but has already reached the size of a foal. Heidi is already mother of two shepherds, Max and Freddy. Tom brought his faithful companion, mongrel Scotty, into the relationship. Anton is now their first dog together and can make himself comfortable with his three animal siblings in the bed of Tom and Heidi. The two seem to be very happy not only with each other but also with their little zoo. 

By Louisa Knoll

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So Sweet! Made my day! Und Reese Witherspoon hat jetzt noch ein großes Plus mehr auf meiner Beliebtheitsskala 🌈
Julia 28 mayo, 2020
Hast du auch Hunde,Louisa? Dein Artikel liest sich so, als wüsstest du genau wovon du schreibst und die Liebe zu Tieren wirklich ganz aufrichtig teilst.
Susan 28 mayo, 2020

Mega Artikel! Lässt sich echt gut lesen!

Meltem Keklikci 25 mayo, 2020
Die kleinen Fellnasen verbinden uns alle! Schöner Beitrag
Afauky 24 mayo, 2020
lustige Geschichte, ganz unterhaltsam. Schön, dass Ihr nicht nur Produkte verkaufen wollt, sondern auch solche Sachen schreibt. Danke und viele Grüße, Rolf
Rolf 24 mayo, 2020

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