William Walker's cool ideas for dog fun in the summer heat

William Walker hot days with your dog

Now that summer is approaching many of us are wondering what we can do with our dog. The warmer days invite us to spend a lot of time outside. However, it can quickly become boring to run day in and day out the same walk. That is why we at William Walker have prepared for you and your pelt nose a few great outdoor activities!

Mobile together - sporty trips with your dog

Inline skating tour

Your dog loves to run long distances by your side and you like inline skating? Then combine your two preferences and make a joint trip. Especially newly built bike and hiking trails often have a very smooth asphalt, on which you can ride without any problems. An ideal tour that challenges your dog and you athletically!

Bicycle tour

Depending on the condition of your dog, a joint bicycle tour also lends itself to a nice outing. Provided that your quadruped can run next to your bike without running into the wheel or coming into respiratory distress, nothing stands in the way. Of course you should make sure that you ride at a pace at which your dog can keep up well. If your dog is not quite as fit, a bicycle trailer is also an option. In it he can be driven by you during the tour or as a rest in between.

Nature excursion with your furry nose


If you are into long walks and you have a little more time on the weekend, a hike through previously undiscovered areas is a good idea. With public transport you are quickly traveled to a new place and can explore many new routes and enjoy nature. A real day trip that can be wonderfully combined with a picnic!


If you and your dog are not big fans of sports activities, then a picnic together is just right for you. Also as a break during sports activities refuels some forces again. For the picnic, you can prepare a few special treats that your dog may not snack so often, frozen pieces of fruit are a great refreshment for warm summer days. But also delicious dog biscuits or a dog muffin will please your fur nose very much. Of course, a bottle of water should not be missing so that you can withstand the warm temperatures. So you can enjoy the beautiful weather together in a shady spot to the fullest.

Keep a cool head - dog training in the sun

Treat Search

Your dog enjoys mental challenges and is a big treat fan? Then you can move the sniffing training outside. You can hide treats for your dog in small branch holes and tree crevices, in deep grass or behind rocks, and then prompt him to search using the "search" command. If he is already an advanced sniffer, you can also hide the treats so that he doesn't see you doing it and then let him go on the search. Our William Walker Treats are not only healthy and taste unbelievably delicious, they're great for search games with your dog!

Agility Training

In agility training your dog should complete a given obstacle course on your commands as flawlessly and quickly as possible. The obstacles can be small hurdles, tunnels, ramps or the like. By the way, you can build something like this in your own garden. With a little imagination you can also create great agility courses in the forest. However, if you lack the materials or you would like to train together with other people, there are dog sports clubs in just about every city that offer agility training.

Throwing a frisbee

Your dog loves to play and is totally fit? Then the frisbee disc could become his new favorite toy. When throwing the Frisbee your dog can direct all his energy into fast sprinting and skillful jumps. While doing this, you can also practice basic exercises like staying in the sit/down position as well as recall or retrieve. This not only challenges the body but also the mind of your four-legged friend. For this purpose there are special dog Frisbees, which are bite-resistant in contrast to regular Frisbees, but a little softer, so that they do not produce injuries when caught and are gentle on the gums.

The only true cooling for you and your dog - off into the fresh water

Bathing fun with your four-legged friend

What could be more wonderful than cooling off on a hot summer day? If your dog is a fan of the cool water swimming is sure to be an absolute highlight of any getaway. For your next trip pick a route that passes by a nice lake or calm river and allow your dog, and maybe you, to splash around. Retrieving with a toy or stick makes the bath trip perfect and can be combined perfectly with the above points!

We hope that one or the other outdoor activity for you and your four-legged friend could give you ideas for the next trip and wish you a lot of beautiful summer days in the fresh air! Please leave us a comment what your favorite outdoor activity is or send us photos of your splashing dogs. We look forward to the hot days and your experiences!

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